Happiness In A Package

Hey, guys. I had a LOUSY DAY yesterday because :
a) Korres store in Singapore is currently under renovation (at least, that's what I think), so I can't get their famous lip butters.
b) Just when I wanted coffee, Angel In Us (a coffee shop) is ALSO under renovation
c) My nose has been very stuffy since Sunday and I have to breathe through my mouth to keep myself alive. Geez.
d) I left my novel at my workplace because I was already drowsy from the meds. Darn it! 

H-o-w-e-v-e-r, as they always say, there will be sunshine after the rain, silver linings to every thing, and blah blah. Well, it's true. I got home and was astonished to see a huge box in front of my room. My brother immediately said, "I know that box. It's from AmiAmi." I opened the box in such a haste that I nearly cut myself in the process. It certainly did make me feel tons happier when I see them. 

Oh, I also went to Watsons just for the sake of it. Gyahahaha.. Those four L'Oreal Night Creams aren't for me, btw. 

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  1. aww cute figurine!
    get well soon ce~

    1. They are eyr candies indeed. Thanks, I'm feeling a lot better already ∩__∩

  2. omggg madly cuteeee >.<

  3. kawaiii >.< I want it I want it XD