Monday, July 9, 2012

An Amazing Saturday With Revlon and Cleo Indonesia

Hello, lovelies~ As you may have already know, The Amazing Spiderman movie has already hit theaters in almost all of Indonesia. I was given an opportunity to watch it together with other bloggers and buzzers from the twitter-sphere by Revlon and CLEO Indonesia. I thank you for the generous invitation.

After watching the Amazing Spiderman, Revlon announces the products that will be launched mid July from the Photo Ready collection. They have blushes, a primer, a mousse foundation and an under eye brightener.

Left to Right : Shell, Natural Ochre, Golden Beige, Medium Beige
Marcelle and I did a rough swatch on the mousse foundation. It's a bit messy, but I hope you can still see the colors somewhat.The lightest shade is Shell and the darkest one is Golden Beige. 

The texture comes out as a foam-mousse like appearance. Almost similar to a mousse texture that you apply to your hair to style it. It has shimmers right after you applied the foundation, but didn't show up in flash photography. Hopefully you can see it in the video above. 

Next up is the primer, which strongly reminds me of the L'Oreal primer, the one in the jar packaging, that I reviewed here. There is a slight difference in the texture, but afterwards it felt the same. This one is felt more moisturizing and less silicone-y. 

In this collection, Revlon launches the under eye brightener, almost similar to the one from YSL. However, it only has one shade, so there's the downfall to this product. 

You can't really see the blush on the far right, but the highlighter is visible. 
I tried swatching their blushes, but my hands are already filled with shimmers from the foundation, so I'm afraid that it'll be a little biased. I only swatched the first one. 

There is a mascara as well from this collection called the 3D mascara. The bristles are synthetic rubber bristles that can separate the lashes, preventing clumpy looks. This looks promising to my thin, sparse lashes, but I didn't get the chance to try it out. The last item from the collection is the two way powder foundation.

Thanks for taking the pic, Cil
The event is filled with photo booths, mini games, fashion show, doorprize drawing and a makeup demonstration. It was a Saturday well spent with friends and Spiderman. Thank you, Revlon and CLEO for arranging such a lovely and amazing (Spiderman reference) event! 
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  1. I was so focused on the show itself I don't even take pictures of the soon to be launched photoready series.. -_-" Hahaha

    1. It's okay, Van. Jadi, postnya bs variasi tiap org ^_^

  2. I received the mail but I couldn't come, so yeaa... thanks for the post, I do hope I could be there too, tehee. I'm curious about the mousse foundie, have you tried it? how about the coverage? dewy/matte finish? sorry for bombarding you with questions >.<~~~~

    1. Ah! It would be way beyond awesomr if you were there..! I haven't tried it yet, but I'll report back if I have. ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Yang lu ambilin plg oke cil, yg backgroundnya Revlon n Cleo merah. Tenkiuuuu~

  4. ada akoh nyempil di bawah! LOL

    eniwei, the foundie is great! Non-greasy like the liquid ones. Tapi shimmer-nya tetep ya bok..