Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Foundation

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. I am not being paid to post this review. All of my opinions are honest and to the point. I am not affiliated with this company.
Hello, lovelies~ If you follow me on twitter or my facebook page, I posted a picture of a package of goodies from Revlon. One of the things inside the package is the new Age Defying foundation. The one with the unique, DNA-like packaging. Today, I'm going to review the foundation from Revlon.

The foundation comes in a pump bottle packaging, with a red cap and a swirly DNA-coil-like structure inside the bottle. The red cap is sturdy enough to take travelling.

Once I pumped it out of the packaging, it has a slightly thicker consistency than most liquid foundations I've tried. I usually apply it with a foundation brush first on the center of my face and then blend it outwards with a damp makeup sponge evenly all over the face.

Under my vanity lighting

Under sunlight. See the shimmers?
If you look at it really closely, you can see shimmer particles similar to those you find in the Revlon Photoready foundation. However, I noticed that the shimmer is a little less visible on the face once I put it on. It would be visible if you were to look at it within a 3 cm distance to someone's face and under the sunlight or spotlight.

I find this foundation blends easily, especially with a damp sponge. I've tried using a flat kabuki brush, but that just exaggerated my dry skin patches on the edges of my nose and mouth. I haven't tried applying it with a stippling brush, but then again, that is my least favorite way.

The finish of the foundation is a dewy finish, making your face look glowy. I wouldn't recommend this for people with oily or acne prone skin because it may be too heavy for their skin type and they will be too shiny after a few hours of application. I don't quite like the finish because it's too dewy/glowy for my liking, so I set it with either a loose powder or a compact powder. Right after application, I can see it having a white cast, but a few hours later, the white cast isn't present anymore.

On my combination dry skin, I feel that the foundation is slighty heavier on my face compared to Revlon's Colorstay foundation. It doesn't feel silky or powdery after I blended it all evenly on my face. It also has a sun protection factor of 20, so it's perfect to be used for daytime.

It provides medium coverage in a single layer without being too cakey, at least that's what I experienced on my face. It tones down any redness on my cheeks, but doesn't really minimize the appearance of pores. The staying power of this foundation is around 6 hours until it faded unevenly on my skin. It was good while it lasted, though.
How it looks with flash on pictures. Taken 3 hours after application
For you wondering how it looks like with flash photography, here are some pictures I took with flash. It doesn't seem to have that white cast, at least not right after application like the previous picture above. You can also see that this foundation doesn't have a good oil control because I'm already shiny around the 3 hour mark.

Taken 6 hours after application.
After 6 hours, my face is already oily everywhere, but you have to remember that this is marketed as a cream makeup, so I didn't expect great oil control from it.

Overall, I like the packaging of the foundation, I think it's well made and thought of. However, I dislike the dewy appearance on my face that the foundation produces. Oil control isn't that great, but then again, it never claimed to be. I do like how it photographs beautifully, aside from all the oiliness and shimmers, considering it has SPF 20. Probably the shimmer reflecting back nicely in photos. If you have dry, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, you can give it a try.
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  1. You have to know how it looks on my oily face!! XD I'll post about it soon. It looks good on your skin =)

  2. Carryn, I can imagine using it on oily face. Can't wait for your post! ^_^

  3. Well I can knock this foundation of my list of ones to try. I already have oily skin, I don't need any help!

  4. Beauty on a College Budget, yep, definitely a miss for oily skin! Don't need more help producing shiny finishes. ^^