Friday, June 1, 2012

Dine with Me: Fondue At Bakerzin

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Hello, lovelies~ A few days ago, I saw the advert for the new fondue menu from Bakerzin. Tempted by the looks of the advert, I went there with my brother yesterday to try it out. We went to their restaurant at Kelapa Gading Mall.

I ordered the Grand Marnier Dark Chocolate fondue complete with cubes of oreo cheesecakes, strawberries, marshmallows, and almond tuiles to be dipped into the dark chocolate mixture.

There are milk chocolate and white chocolate if you favor sweeter tasting chocolates. The dark chocolate is paired with Grand Marnier, milk chocolate with rhum and white chocolate is free of alcohol beverage.

I got Jasmine Green Tea and my brother got Earl Grey Tea

Chicken Samosa with spicy curry inside each pocket
My brother opted for the Easy Dips menu, which is your choice of drink with a side of any one of the deep fried snack. Earl Grey with a side of Chicken Samosa, suitable for high tea (different from afternoon tea).

Still curious over the taste of macaroons, I decided to give it another try. I've tried macaroons, but they are too sweet to my liking, so I ask the waiter what he would recommend for me. He suggested I tried the Black Forest macaroon, so I did.

The macaroon has a crunchy exterior, but soft and tender on the inside. Unlike other macaroons that I've tasted, this one isn't grainy at all. The sweetness level of this macaroon is just right as it isn't too sweet. Also, the chocolate filling helps to reduce the sweetness because of its bittersweet nature. It has a slight hazelnut after taste. All in all, I'd say this is by far the best macaroon I've tasted.

Back to the fondue. The dark chocolate came with a side of Grand Marnier that can be mixed to your own liking. After adding the liquor, light the candle and slide it underneath the container. Don't immediately dip your  marshmallows, but let it sit for around a minute to make sure the liquor and chocolate gets mixed in well.

After it's all mixed up nice and smooth, you can continue dipping your assortments of cakes and fruits into the chocolate and liquor mixture.

The chocolate mixture is bittersweet probably because of the liqour. I like that the fondue has its own depth, especially after the Grand Marnier is added. At first taste, you can taste the dark chocolate, but afterwards the liqour starts to kick in and I felt a warmth on the back of my throat.

My brother order Vanilla Profiteroles, which is one of my favorite menus at Bakerzin. The soft profiteroles blend well with the ice cream and the chocolate sauce. The taste is simply exquisite.

The fondue retails at Rp 98,500 per set and I think it would make a great hang out food. You can eat it with your friends or family while chit chatting at a well relaxed restaurant. The waiters are very helpful and polite that I feel comfortable during my entire dining experience. Hurry, though, because the fondue menu is only available from 15 May to 12 July 2012. Happy fondue-ing, people~

Bakerzin Kelapa Gading Mall 3
Mall Kelapa Gading III
Lantai 1 Unit 39
Jl.Bulevard Kelapa Gading , Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara
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  1. Awww looks so nice.... Cece racun kosmetik dan makanannnn TT ^ TT *nangis di pojokan*

  2. racuuuun!! jadi mau T_T
    ada fondue, ada macaroons aaaa

  3. Kyaaaaa... malem2 liat ginian bikin lapeeerrr... kelapa gading yaaa.. jauuuhhh...

  4. Sha, haagen dasz dah nyoba waktu itu, cuman ga difoto, lol
    Yuri, thanks for noticing the new layout ^^
    Vheii, macaroonnya enak!
    Priscilla, ada di Bakerzin mana aja koq. I just happen to go to Gading a lot.. ^^

  5. hahahah jadi mau makan macaron... enak bgt ngliatinnya ^^

    1. Hi, Ems! Cobain yg black forest macaroon nya deh, ga terlalu manis. ∩__∩