Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dine With Me: Dinner Date At Union

Hello, lovelies~ A few days ago, I went to Union with my best friend for a dinner date. It's been a while since we had lunch/dinner together, so she suggested we have dinner at Union, Plaza Senayan. 

The restaurant is located inside SOGO Plaza Senayan, so it's not that hard to find it. To welcome their guests, UNION has dark brown interior that looks elegant and comfortable at the same time. We got there, reserved our seats and went for another walk until a table has opened up. 

Minutes later, we were called and got seated at our table. We had until 7 pm to enjoy our dinner before out table goes to someone else.

The restaurant felt a little cramped, especially when all the tables are full. The concept of open windows on the side makes the ambiance more relaxed and cozy. As the sun sets, the atmosphere becomes more relaxing and romantic (in a way), especially if you're sitting at the table near the window.

I like the interior of the restaurant as it made me feel at home. You can also sit at the booth if you are with a group of friends under the heavily photo filled wall.

Papa Hemingway
If you are a cocktail lover, be sure to visit UNION because they have various types and forms of cocktails. I ordered Papa Hemingway and my bestie got Southside. Papa Hemingway is plain Daiquiri, while Southside is almost similar to a Mojito. Maybe next time I'll get a frozen Daiquiri.

Caesar Salad
For food, Caesar Salad is a must on her list of foods, so she got that and I got the Crispy Skin Salmon. I can't speak much for the salad as I am notoriously known for disliking salads. The salmon is good, though. The skin on top is crispy while the meat is succulent and fresh. It doesn't have that freezer-taste nor freezer-smell. I didn't realize that I didn't take a picture of the salmon until I'm writing this post. OMG.

We had Calamari with Tomato sauce and Tartar sauce as well. They were cut into strips and fried until crispy. They served it with tartar sauce, but I prefer Fish and Co's Fried Calamari any day. These were a little chewy to my liking. 

Fondue at BAKERZIN
We were going to order the Red Velvet Cake, but didn't have much time left because the cake was served at 7 pm. Such a shame. So, we went to get another dessert at Bakerzin. Overall, I would say that the ambiance and cocktails were great, but their foods are of an average level. I'm still going there to try the famous Red Velvet Cake, maybe a little later than 7 pm?
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  1. pas kita mo kesini hrs ketok pintu dulu :D

  2. Nisa, ngantri pula.. batal sudah gw mo red velvet, ^__^