Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Body Shop Beauty With Heart

Hello, lovelies~ Last Wednesday, 20 June 2012, I was given the opportunity to attend the Beauty With Heart Event. The Body Shop has a new store concept and slogan. Their new slogan is now Beauty With Heart, which aims to combine inner beauty with outer beauty, making them join together in an alluring combination. 

When I first arrived there, I saw two sections, which are 'Look Good' and 'Feel Good'. The third and last section was 'Do Good'. Let's take a tour of the event, shall we?

The first section, 'Look Good',  has an array of skincare and makeup from The Body Shop. The skincare were all placed beautifully on a long table, ranging from dry skin, oily skin and even mature skin. The beauty assistant was helpful in explaining some of the skincare lines that I've never looked into such as the Natrulift line. 

Still in the 'Look Good' section, there was a makeup corner that is filled with makeup galore. There were makeup artists that were ready to make guests 'look good' throughout the event. 

Lily Cole Limited Edition Makeup Line

Extra Virgin Minerals
There were two new line that were on display and will be released in the coming months. The first makeup line was from Lily Cole, which will be released in November 2012. The other one was the Extra Virgin Minerals, which will be released in July 2012. So, mark your calendars, lovelies!

Moving on to the second section, 'Feel Good' was all about making us feel good about ourselves, inside and outside. In this section, there were perfumes and colognes, along with hand massages to make the guests 'feel good'. Besides, elevating one's mood is usually through the sense of smell.

The new and cute packaging!
The Chocomania line, which is perfect for chocoholics
Their body butter packaging had changed and I do find it a lot cuter than the previous packaging. The new container just has the ingredients labeled on the cap. The strawberry design is so cute!

I looked for the last section, 'Do Good', but can't seem to find it. A few moments later, they led us to their new store downstairs. There, they explained what charity they have already contributed to help others. By giving to charity or volunteering, we have done good deeds that will help others who are in need.

Top 10 product from The Body Shop

So, do you understand the new 'Pulse' concept of The Body Shop's store? When we shop there, we can Look Good through skincare and makeup, Feel Good by relaxing our mind through body care and perfumes, and lastly we can Do Good for others by choosing which campaign we want to donate to. Within a single visit, you can accomplish all those things.

A brighter, yet more energy-saving look to the store
The store has changed their light bulbs to LED lights making it more energy-saving than usual light bulbs. The counters are made from wood from a sustainable source that won't reduce the green areas on our earth.

Beauty With Heart planet
Carryn, DessyPriscilla, Nisa, Yuri, Marcelle, Me and Looxperiments
Thank you for a very thoughtful goodies, especially the flash disk!
Thank you to the Body Shop for extending their hand to us, bloggers and giving us the opportunity to join all the fun yesterday. I hope your newly revamped store concept will 'pulse' throughout the Indonesia, making the world a better place, one small step at a time. So, drop by The Body Shop Indonesia's new stores to not only Look Good and Feel Good, but also Do Good unto others! 
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