Wednesday, June 13, 2012

belif In Truth at Plaza Senayan

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Hello, lovelies~ I went to Plaza Senayan for a dinner date with my best friend the other day and we found a counter called Belif. I haven't heard of this brand before, so we stopped by to check it out. The brand is pronounced as the word 'belief' because they wanted to deliver trust and belief to their customers.

belif counter at SOGO Plaza Senayan
belif is a cosmetic brand that is contains herbal and claims to be an all natural, no secrets, truthful brand. The brand uses Napier's traditional methods of choosing and processing all of the herbal ingredients to be placed into the products. They didn't use any mineral oil or other synthetic dyes that can be problematic towards sensitive skin. Well, I'd say they're off to a good start. 

Their best selling product
Best sellers
I find the drawers are very cute~

The brand design immediately caught my eye because of the simplicity and all natural, herbal formula. They have a wide range of products, varying from dry skin to oily skin. They also have a BB cream suitable for either dry or oily skin. 

The bar graph along with the percentage
On each of their products, the active ingredient is listed on the front of the product container in a bar form and percentage. It also lets you know that there aren't any harmful ingredients for your skin, such as synthetic dyes.

The sign post.
Excuse her, she just sat there when I took the picture ^^;;.
 The chairs have 'belif' writings on the back
Supposedly a 'sink'
This is just too cute
I looked at the products and was tempted to try out the Hungarian Essence because my skin is acting up because of retionic acid. I bought a sunscreen instead, which has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active sunscreen ingredient.

Sunscreen that I'll soon review
I am intrigued and curious about this brand, so I'll let you know how the sunscreen goes and I'll see you in my next post~ 
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