Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty Tips: Body Care Specially For Hands and Feet

Hello, lovelies~ We may take care of our face and neck to slow down the aging process, but little do we know that our hands are one of our body parts that show the earliest signs of aging. Imagine a plump and smooth face being paired with a wrinkled and saggy hands. Well, that wouldn't be a wonderful image now, would it? >.<

1. Always moisturize your hands. Use one with SPF in the afternoon and one without at night. SPF will protect your skin from UV rays, hence slowing down the appearance of wrinkles or sagging on the hand. Also, remember to moisturize after washing your hands

Homemade Sugar Scrub
2. Scrub your hands at least once a week so the dead skin cells won't have a chance to accumulate and enhance the appearance of dry skin. Don't forget to apply a cream afterwards for soft, moisturized hands. Find the recipe for a DIY Sugar Scrub.

3. Avoid harsh soaps or detergents so, the natural oils on your hands won't be stripped away, leaving your hands dry and rough.

4. Make sure to maintain your nails and cuticles at least once a week. Even if you don't have time to go to the salon, try to take care of it at home.

5. Make time for a hand and foot massage. This helps improve blood circulation and relaxes the mind.

Now, that I've already shared a few tips that I used for maintaining my hands and feet, let's make some scrub, sugar! Making this is easy because all you have to do it pour into a mixing bowl and stir.

DIY Sugar Scrub

This is a Do It Yourself scrub that has two (or three) ingredients that you can find around the house. I use it once a week to remove the dead skin cells on my hands and have smoother hands. I browsed the recipe from site to site and tweaked it to my liking. 


1 tablespoons olive oil 
1.5 tablespoons sugar (you can slightly grind it in a mortar and pessel if the texture is too coarse)
Essential oil of your choice (optional) 

How To Make
1) Measure each ingredient to your liking as long as the ratio of oil and sugar is 1:1.5.
2) In a clean bowl, mix the two (or three) ingredients evenly.
3) Place in a jar and you're done!

How To Use The Scrub

1) Take the sugar scrub with your fingers and spread it evenly all over your hands.
2) Start massaging the scrub in light, circular motion. Don't massage too hard as this may wound your skin.
3) After about a minute, rinse under running water and wash your hands with a gentle hand wash to remove the slippery film from the olive oil.
4) Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

Optional, but highly recommended steps

* Apply a hand cream right after exfoliation process to retain the moisture.

Let's start taking care of our hands and feet with these few simple beauty tips from now on. Hopefully, it will help enhance our already beautiful hands and feet ^_^ . I'll see you in my next post.

P.S: I will be writing about Talika's instant manicure in another post because I'm afraid that it's going to be a long post if I combined it here. So, please wait for the links to that post. Thank you~ ^_^ 
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  1. waaa, i always love DIY beauty treatment, will try this at home later!

    bisa buat heel juga ga ya c phanie? :D

  2. Creatiia, jangan lupa dipost yah kalo udah dicoba ^_^ Kalo buat heel, kurang tau yah, but I guess, bisa juga sih ^_^