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Angelica Blogger Gathering by L'Occitane

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Hello, lovelies~ When you see the brand L'Occitane, maybe the first thought that sprung in your mind is how to pronounce it. Possibly because not all of us are familiar with French, so we guessed the pronunciation. Let me tell you how it is pronounced. It's quite easy actually, aside from the complicated looking word, it's simply LOX-EE-TAN. 
The receptionist table with L'Occitane cookies
The whole range of Angelica
The cute cookie on a stick as a welcome gift from L'Occitane
Last Friday, 15 June 2012, L'Occitane (go ahead, pronounce it) held a blogger gathering on the eve of their newly launched product from the Angelica line. They have already launched the other Angelica products, but the facial mist, exfoliating gel and instant hydration mask are the superstars that evening.

Lovely table arrangement with a goodie bag for each of us
The gathering was held at Cafe Aria, Sudirman, where the L'Occitane team has decorated the place in accordance with the Angelica color theme. It was a greenish yellow color combination that was somehow relaxing and lovely. 
The hand scrub
In the middle of the scrubbing session
As soon as I signed the guest list, the L'Occitane team welcomed me and offered a free hand massage. I was more than pleased to and positioned myself in a chair comfortably. The beauty assistant started by misting my hand with water, applied a scoop of the sugar scrub and started to scrub away the dead skin cells on my hand. The scrubs may look scary because of the unusually large size, but it wasn't painful.

Yuri from 2thousandthings
Meilani from Pygmallion Fashion
Endi from Endi Feng Makeup
After rinsing off the scrub, the beauty assistant allowed me to choose the hand cream that I want. I went with the rose scented one and she started massaging my hand with it. The rose scent lasted for a long time, even after the event ended and I was ready to take a bath at home.

Ah! Here's my seat. 
A little while after that, the manager politely informed us to sit according to our names because the presentation is about to start. Before she started the presentation, she welcomed us to enjoy the food and drinks served.

Dessert of Pie Crumble and ice cream
If you noticed, most of the food was green colored, along with the drinks, that are definitely green. It was lovely to see the harmonious colors of the decoration and refreshments. Such a thoughtful concept.

In the presentation, the L'Occitane manager explained all about Angelica and how it is sometimes perceived as a magical plant that has the ability to ward off demon and evil spirits. Some say the plant is magical because it can grow 2 meters in a night! I would say someone sprinkled fairy dust so the tree grew overnight. ^_^

Angelica, or also known as Angel Grass, is used by L'Occitane to hydrate the driest of skin. It hydrates the skin by stimulating the production of Aquaporins in the dermis. Aquaporins are channels found within our skin that functions to transport water.

Photo Credits
If there are more Aquaporins than before, then more water can be transported, hence making the skin look moist and radiant. Check out the video above to see the history and origins of the Angelica plant. This plant extract also protects skin from free radicals, so skin will look more radiant.

Mini facial before we went our separate ways
The event ended with a mini facial and a group photo (of course!). I didn't get to have to facial because I was still trying out the products and is now planning on buying the milky lotion because of its moisturizing ability. I also took pictures with Carnellin and Meilani, mug shot style!

Thank you to L'Occitane Indonesia for such a wondrous evening, filled with knowledge about the importance of hydration to our skin. I can't wait to try out the Angelica skin care range and I hope you enjoyed this post.

P.S: Don't forget to check out my video on how to apply the mask and my initial impression on it. Just click here and it will bring you to the page. Enjoy~
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