Saturday, June 30, 2012

Instant Manicure At Home With Talika

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. I am not being paid to post this review. All of my opinions are honest and to the point. I am not affiliated with this company.

Hello, lovelies~ Continuing my post about hand care, I received a product from Talika over the mail in a blue envelope with the Talika flower sticker on the back. Inside the packet is two sachets of instant manicure with an instruction sheet on how to use the product.

The product is called Talika Instant Manicure and it comes in sachets of 10 grams. It promises instant whitening and coating of the nails. The product is in a white powder form similar to that of baby powder.  To use, you simply dunk the powder into a bowl of water and submerge it for 3 minutes. After that, pat dry with a clean towel. For more details on how to use this product and enjoy an easy manicure at home, just check out the video down below.

Since my nails are white and clean to begin with, there isn't a major difference compared to my other hand that isn't dipped together. I do notice my cuticles are lot softer and easier to groom. The sensation of the fizzy bubbles is just one of a kind. Kinda like dipping your hands in soda-based beverages, I guess. Plus, my hands has a subtle floral scent after being dipped in the solution. 

It doesn't feel greasy after I pat it dry with a towel, which I like. Maybe if my nails are yellow, I'll give this another try to see the instant whitening effect, but for now, it's enough to make my cuticles easier to groom.  
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty Tips: Body Care Specially For Hands and Feet

Hello, lovelies~ We may take care of our face and neck to slow down the aging process, but little do we know that our hands are one of our body parts that show the earliest signs of aging. Imagine a plump and smooth face being paired with a wrinkled and saggy hands. Well, that wouldn't be a wonderful image now, would it? >.<

1. Always moisturize your hands. Use one with SPF in the afternoon and one without at night. SPF will protect your skin from UV rays, hence slowing down the appearance of wrinkles or sagging on the hand. Also, remember to moisturize after washing your hands

Homemade Sugar Scrub
2. Scrub your hands at least once a week so the dead skin cells won't have a chance to accumulate and enhance the appearance of dry skin. Don't forget to apply a cream afterwards for soft, moisturized hands. Find the recipe for a DIY Sugar Scrub.

3. Avoid harsh soaps or detergents so, the natural oils on your hands won't be stripped away, leaving your hands dry and rough.

4. Make sure to maintain your nails and cuticles at least once a week. Even if you don't have time to go to the salon, try to take care of it at home.

5. Make time for a hand and foot massage. This helps improve blood circulation and relaxes the mind.

Now, that I've already shared a few tips that I used for maintaining my hands and feet, let's make some scrub, sugar! Making this is easy because all you have to do it pour into a mixing bowl and stir.

DIY Sugar Scrub

This is a Do It Yourself scrub that has two (or three) ingredients that you can find around the house. I use it once a week to remove the dead skin cells on my hands and have smoother hands. I browsed the recipe from site to site and tweaked it to my liking. 


1 tablespoons olive oil 
1.5 tablespoons sugar (you can slightly grind it in a mortar and pessel if the texture is too coarse)
Essential oil of your choice (optional) 

How To Make
1) Measure each ingredient to your liking as long as the ratio of oil and sugar is 1:1.5.
2) In a clean bowl, mix the two (or three) ingredients evenly.
3) Place in a jar and you're done!

How To Use The Scrub

1) Take the sugar scrub with your fingers and spread it evenly all over your hands.
2) Start massaging the scrub in light, circular motion. Don't massage too hard as this may wound your skin.
3) After about a minute, rinse under running water and wash your hands with a gentle hand wash to remove the slippery film from the olive oil.
4) Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

Optional, but highly recommended steps

* Apply a hand cream right after exfoliation process to retain the moisture.

Let's start taking care of our hands and feet with these few simple beauty tips from now on. Hopefully, it will help enhance our already beautiful hands and feet ^_^ . I'll see you in my next post.

P.S: I will be writing about Talika's instant manicure in another post because I'm afraid that it's going to be a long post if I combined it here. So, please wait for the links to that post. Thank you~ ^_^ 
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara

Hello, lovelies~ I know I raved so much about the L'Oreal Paris Double Extension Curl mascara, but I am always willing to try other mascaras, just for comparison. I bought Maybelline The Falsies earlier this month to try out. 

The mascara comes in a deep purple tube with the label on the sides. The size of the tube is similar to most Volum'Express mascaras from Maybelline.

The mascara wand has a curved shaped almost similar to the Magnum (yellow tube), but curvier. It has natural bristles as opposed to synthetic, rubber ones. Half of the mascara wand is flexible up to a certain point.

The formula of this mascara is more to the dry side, even if it looks slightly wet off the tube. I had no difficulties in applying this even all over my eyelashes.

As for staying power, I would say they did an excellent job on my thin lashes throughout the humid weather of our lovely Jakarta. Sure it didn't look exactly like it was when it was first applied, but it did a pretty good job staying in place, being waterproof and all.

The numbers in the middle of  my nose is the time I applied the mascara
Overall, this is quite close to my L'Oreal Double Extension Curl, but this has a lesser chance of clumping if applied in a hurry. Plus, this is more time saving because I don't need a base beforehand. Retailing at Rp 80,000, this mascara may be suitable for those blessed with thin and sparse lashes as it doesn't weigh down on the lashes, hence keeping its curls. 
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: L'Occitane Amande Milk Concentrate

Hello, lovelies~ I was introduced to L'Occitane by my best friend when we went to Plaza Senayan for our dinner date. She raved about the milk concentrate from the Almond line saying that it's good for people with dry skin. So, we stopped by the store and I picked up the Amande Milk Concentrate.

The product came with a separate box that has a pistachio green color with a brown color along the edges. On the front of the box, the product label is inscribed with the weight of the product in ml and oz. At the back of the box is the description of the product and the list of ingredients. Meanwhile, the product itself is packaged in a glass jar that is oval shaped with a tin lid on top.

This product uses sweet almond oil as one of the moisturizing ingredient for the skin, along with glycerin as one of the humectants. It also utilizes sweet almond protein which may help to firm the skin, making it tighter and firmer. I found no irritants in this body lotion, so that's always a plus in my book. If you look closer, there are no parabens present in the milk concentrate. For preservatives, it uses phenoxyethanol.

When I first sniffed the scent in the store, I was taken aback at how delicate and calming it is. It was a combination of a milk and almond scent, that slightly sweet. It was one of the type of scent that is relaxing to my senses.

The texture of the milk concentrate is more of a cream than a lotion. It is a white cream that sinks into the skin easily and rapidly, leaving a non greasy residue. It hydrates the driest parts of my body, i.e. my legs. The cream lasts all day in terms of moisturizing especially on my legs. Probably because it gets protected most of the time by my pants and are rarely exposed to water.

This has been my current body cream favorite because I have been using it all day. That says a lot of a body product if I use it all day. The moisture is retained for a long time on my legs, making them feel so moisturized and smooth. It is expensive retailing at Rp 645,000 per 200 ml, but I'm willing to fork out that much if it is such a good product. I hope you enjoyed this short review and I'll see you in my next post. 
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Hanabi by Kiyoura Natsumi ost. Tamayura Lyrics

I posted this lyrics just so I won't lose it. I didn't write the lyrics down myself, all credit goes to awesmoe over at 

natsu no owari no uchiage hanabi
chiisana sora wo akaku someta
futo miagereba hirogaru hoshi ga
egaku mirai wo irodotteita
renzugoshi kimi wo sagashi ano hi ga afuretekite
mune ga kurushiku naru
juunengo waratte hanaseru you ni
ashita wo hajimeru
lalala gubbai naiteta hibi
kono kimochi ha kono sora ni azukeru yo
dakara gubbai ano omoide ha
kokoro no naka taisetsu ni suru ne
wasurerarenai daisuki na basho
hitori benchi de nagameru sora ha
watashi wo koko ni oiteku you ni
tooku no hou he nagareteitta
yureru kaze ano kaori ano hi ga afuretekite
mune ga kurushiku naru
juunengo waratte hanaseru you ni
ashita wo hajimeru
lalala gubbai kanashii koto
tojikometeta kimochi wo sora ni hanatsu
dakara gubbai donna toki mo
tsuyoku nareru omoide wo kurete
sugoshita hi no kazu dake yasashii kaze otozureru you ni
shibonda fuusen ni iki wo fukikomu yo
lalala gubbai kinou no watashi
kyou ga kuru tabi ni otona ni natteku
ano hi mita hanabi no you ni
kirameku hibi taisetsu ni suru ne


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

S2 June Photo Diary

Hello, lovelies~ No review from me today. Just pictures of how my life has been these past few weeks. Hope you enjoy, if not, then... I don't know what to say. ^_^ 

May Bellabox
June Bellabox
Dante's Chocolate Molten Cake. Verdict: meh.
Maybelline's famous Baby Lips~ 
My love for clamshell phones never stopped ♥
Saturday night OOTD. Black on black.
Capuccino at Seven to 7
Upcoming tag: What's On My Bathroom Sink. LoL ^___^
Sunday FOTD with Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple
New store, SCOOP, at MKG 2
Isn't it just the cutest? Washing your face with these cute guys~

Red Velvet Cake at Bakerzin. Verdict: meh on the edge of ick
Love and hate relationship with this liner
Recent picture placement ^_^ 
I'll be back with more reviews, but until then, enjoy~ ^_^
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Korean Brands from

Hello, lovelies~ Yesterday, I watched a youtube channel, mentioning a site called I known this site for quite some time, but haven't really gotten around to try it. So, I went over to their site, Wishtrend and spent about 30 minutes gawking at my monitor. 

They have quite a large collection of Korean brands that I rarely see in online shops. I am actually excited at the thought of trying them out. Maybe to those already familiar with Korean makeup brands, this may come to no surprise. However, for a newbie like me, it's like stepping into a whole new world of skincare and makeup from Korea.
The contents of one of a Wish Box
What intrigued me most about this site is their Wish Box. Once in a while, Wishtrend will release a box filled with goodies from various Korean brands. The picture above is just an example of one of their Wish Box that consists of a primer, eyeshadow, blush, etc. Prices may vary between each Wish Box as the contents differ from one another. 

Cute pink brushes
They're not only about skincare or makeup, but makeup tools as well. The pink handles caught my eye in an instant, not to mention the headprotector on each brush is as tempting as a glass of cold water on a hot summer's day. 

They accept credit cards ^_^ 
Shipping cost to Jakarta is 7 USD
If you do plan on purchasing from this site, they accept all types of credit cards. Also, the shipping isn't all that expensive from Korea all the way to Indonesia. 

Their current specials
Wishtrend also has seasonal sales and discounts on their website so, make sure you check their site often for special promotions or prices. Besides, discounts are always welcome in my book. With that said, do check out their site and let me know what you think about it. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post~ ^_^
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: natur-e Daily Nourishing Lotion

Hello, lovelies~ Karena produk ini merupakan produk lokal yang (mungkin) hanya bisa ditemukan di Indonesia kita yang tercinta ini, gimana kalo kali ini reviewnya dalam bahasa Indonesia? Lumayan, hitung-hitung tantangan juga menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia, meski semi formal. ^_^

Produk dari natur-e ini sebenarnya sudah saya liat dari beberapa minggu yang lalu, cuman waktu itu entah lagi mikirin apa kali, jadinya kelupaan beli ini. Biasa udah mulai fikun, kalo kata orang Inggeris, it comes with age. Lanjut dengan ceritanya, natur-e, sebagaimana yang sudah diketahui khayalak ramai, adalah salah satu produk supplemen Vitamin E yang dapat dibeli di supermarket ataupun toko obat. Sekarang, ada hand and body lotionnya juga lho!

Lotion natur-e ada dua ukuran; 100 ml dan 245 ml. Karena masih dalam tahap coba-coba, maka yang dibeli yang 100 ml. Saya beli di Watsons Kelapa Gading Rp 12,900, kayanya lagi ada promo deh. Hand and body lotion natur-e ini dikemas dalam botol plastik yang cukup tahan banting soalnya sesampainya di rumah sempat jatuh. Untungnya si botol masih sehat walafiat tanpa kekurangan suatu apapun. Ya, apa jadinya kalo udah pecah blm direview? T_T

Kita lanjut ke ingredients lotion ini. Bahan pengikat air yang dipakai di sini adalah glycerin, yang bisa bikin kulit jadi lembab. Lotion ini juga mengandung Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol (bahan chemical sunscreen) yang berfungsi sebagai tabir surya yang dapat menangkal sinar UVA dan UVB. Paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil juga hadir sebagai emollient yang berfungsi untuk menjaga agar kelembaban kulit tidak hilang dari permukaan kulit. Salah satu pengawet yang dipakai adalah Phenoxyethanol yang bekerja dengan memperlambat pertumbuhan bakteri, sehingga produk tidak cepat rusak.

Fiuh! Setelah beres dengan semua bahasa planet yang ada di paragraf sebelumnya, kita lanjut ke tekstur dan warna lotion ini. Warnanya hijau muda dengan butiran-butiran vitamin E yang berwarna hijau yang lebih gelap. Teskturnya sih seperti kombinasi antara lotion dan gel yah. Waktu masih belum diratakan terlihat seperti lotion, tetapi waktu dibaurkan di tubuh seperti gel.

Yang bikin lucu sebenernya butiran-butiran hijau yang tercampur dalam lotion ini. Pas lihat ini di toko, yang bikin makin mantep dan yakin untuk beli yah si hijau-hijau kecil ini. Wanginya tidak terlalu menyengat, seperti kombinasi antara segar dan sedikit manis.

Lotion ini mampu menjaga kelembaban untuk kulit yang normal sampai kering. Saya mencobanya di kaki saya yang sangat kering dan setelah kurang lebih 1 jam, kondisi kulit di kaki saya kering kembali seperti tidak memakai apapun. Jadi, kalo kulitnya kering sekali, mungkin kurang cocok dengan lotion ini.

Butiran hijau yang sudah pecah
Saya suka memakai lotion ini di lengan saja karena kalau dipakai sebagai hand lotion rasanya terlalu berminyak dan lama terserapnya. Mungkin kalau sedang tidak aktivitas, tidak masalah, tapi kalau lagi di kantor dan perlu menulis, males banget kalau pen nya jadi minyakan. ^_^

Kesimpulannya, lotion yang ini harganya ramah di kantong dan cocok untuk yang jenis kulitnya kering.  Wanginya yang bikin saya makin suka dengan lotion ini. Meskipun, memang sih, agak sedikit lengket dan berminyak kalo dipake sebagai hand lotion, tapi kan bisa dipake di lengan. ^_^  
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