Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shop Love: Payless Shoesource

Hello, lovelies~ Another new series called Shop Love is just a series of posts that will be talking about what shops I found to be interesting, unique, beneficial or plain likable. I was inspired to make this post because last weekend, I found a shoe store that blew me away. 

The story goes like this. Last Saturday, after work, I planned to go to Living World Alam Sutera with Mr. G to buy dog food for Shiro. After that task is done and the items are placed in the car, we went to look around for new shops and an occasional strolling around the mall. At first, I wanted to go to Crocs because that is my favorite shoe brand. Why like Crocs, you might wonder. I'm FAT, so I need something really comfortable to hold against my weight, lol. 

However, before we reached Crocs, we stumbled on a store called Payless Shoesource. It looked interesting because it resembles a warehouse, except that it is brightly lit. We went inside and I tried on the shoe as a joke. I can never find shoes that fit me because I wear a size 42, hence the hard time finding them. 

As I was laughing at some random joke and trying on the shoes, I stopped because it fits perfectly! I told Mr. G that it fits and he checked the price tag, which is apparently a reasonable price (for me). Knowing that, Mr. G immediately scanned for empty seats and sat down while I picked out the shoes I wanted. 

The store has shelves and shelves of shoes that are categorized by the size. This makes it easier to look for shoes because you know that there is a model of that specific size for you. 

They have all types of models, from flats, wedges, pumps, platforms, and ankle boots. I bought four pairs of shoes, which two of them is picked by Mr. G. He chose a pair of white peep toe wedges and a pair of beige wedges with a little bow on the front. 

I bought a standard pair (I mean, two pairs) of white heels that is versatile. They are having a 15% discount if the payment is with BCA credit card for purchase over Rp 200,000. I don't know how long the promo is, but that is  good enough deal to begin with. The shoes are priced around Rp 200,000 - Rp 300,000 a pair, which is still reasonable for me.

I also bought a set of six rings and they come in variable sizes. I'm beginning to love this store more and more. They're just basic silver and black rings, I like plain rings.

There are shoes for children also! 
If you're ever in Living World, make sure to pay them a visit. The sales assistants are helpful and well-mannered. I'd recommend going there, especially those who have a hard time looking for big size shoes.  ^_^

Payless Shoesource
Living World Alam Sutera, UG Fl Unit 9
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21

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  1. ahh white shoes!!
    lucu2 sepatunya >_<

  2. di semanggi, di margo city juga ada ^^ aku belum pernah masuk, tapi pengen. Sekarang aku jadi pecinta sepatu :p hehe

  3. Kl aku seringnya k payless CP ci :D
    Aku beli kaus kaki lucu 6 pasang cuma 59rb ^^ !
    Suka bgt sama payless :D

  4. beige wedgesnya lucu banget...

  5. aku juga suka ke payless, dan setiap pergantian musim suka ada diskon juga tuh ;)

  6. Awwww, seems awesome!
    Totally going there the next time I'm going home XDD

  7. Nila, bisa dipake kemana2 heels putihnya.. ^^
    Sha, yang kusuka itu ada boots juga~ cuman kmrn ga ada sizenya.. T^T
    Tikka, hayo2 masuk, ntar kalo ke CP ajak2, jadi barengan kita ^__^
    Konayachi, kmrn mau beli kaos kaki sampe lupa.. ^^
    nelly, pitanya di depan itu yang bikin lucu. ^^
    Yurisa, oh tiap ganti musim ada diskon?? Menarik... ^__^
    Flow, don't forget to report on your visit there.. ^___^

  8. Wow, so many rows of shoes! *_* Perfect for the shoe-a-holics! :)

  9. Suki, it's a place for shoe lovers~ ^_^
    Vani, wew, yang mana itu? Aku pengen yang boots, tapi ga ada yang baru.. T___T

  10. I'd just realized it at Central Park!!! Jatuh cinta bener sama itu tempat >_____< akhirnya ada toko sepatu buat big size seperti kitaa... LOL btw my BF did the same pose too... dia pernah bilang mendingan cari sepatu daripada cari baju, soalnya di tempat sepatu biasa ada tempat duduknya... reasonable xD

  11. Itu payless menggoda banget, di Bandung ada di PVJ sering liad , lucu-lucu sih sepatunya tapi bingung mau beli yang mana duluan >_<

  12. Gabz, betuuulll~ ^_^
    Noniq, beli yang bakal sering dipake tiap hari aja ^^ Bootsnya sih emang menggoda banget, tapi pasti bakal jarang kupake ^__^

  13. Ada model boots gitu tapi emang bagus banget.. Tapi tahan deehh, buat beli mekapp.. hahahaha.. :p

  14. aku belum pernah masuk, tapi pengen. Sekarang aku jadi pecinta sepatu :p hehe