Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain

Hello, lovelies~ I'm back to review a lip product that claims to be a combination of a lipstick, lip stain and lip gloss. Such a claim comes from Yves Saint Laurent, one of the high end makeup brands. I, normally, wouldn't buy high end lip products, but since it is a lip stain, why not? 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in 
06 Camel Croisiere

Availability: YSL counters
Price: Rp 285,000
Size: 6 ml

The gloss/stain comes in a separate reflective golden box with an embossed YSL logo. The actual product also has the gold and black color theme, with the gold cap with the embossed YSL logo. The packaging doesn't really impress me, despite it being a high end brand. It just looks like a regular lip gloss packaging.

On to the ingredients list, I was a tad disappointed that it contained alcohol, but I'm not going to use it everyday, so I bought it. However, if it does dry my lips upon first use, I will stop using it (Tried it and it doesn't dry out my lips!). Once I open the gloss, there is a scent that is quite surprising to my nose. It has a similar scent to red wine and for me, it isn't that unpleasant. However, after a while, the scent fades away.

The gloss applicator isn't your typical lip gloss applicator. It has a pointy edge which makes it easier to 'paint' the cupid's bow area on my lips. Now, this is practicality, people. Take note! The color leans towards a nude color family with a subtle hint of orange, I think.
My bare lips without any products

Dotting the gloss all over

Buffing it with my small finger

Voila! First layer

Time to try the glossy stain on my lips. I dot the gloss on my lips evenly. Afterwards, I use my small (pinky) finger to buff in the color, so it will be spread evenly, staining the lips longer.

Two layers of the gloss
I let it dry a for a little while and applied the second layer all over my lips with the gloss applicator. I find that this way of applying the gloss works the best as it will stain my lips a lot longer.

Despite the fact that is contains alcohol, it felt really moisturizing. A little sticky, but nothing I couldn't handle. It isn't like other glosses that feels extremely sticky. This just has the right stickiness, if that makes any sense.

The glossy appearance doesn't stay too long on me, but I think that is understandable for glosses to have that property. The color stayed after I had lunch, but the gloss had disappeared slightly. What I like about this glossy stain is the moisturizing feel without the stickiness. Also, I noticed that I didn't lick my lips often when I'm wearing this.
Right after application
Before leaving~
Overall, I like the concept of a stain that is glossy and moisturizing. The scent may be a little intimidating for those with extra sensitive olfactory senses, but it goes away after application. However, it does have a steep price just for a lip stain/gloss, so better save up!

Update: I bought two more shades of this glossy stain, in number 5 Rouge Vintage and number 14 Fuschia Dore. I use number 5 often now and has become a staple in my makeup bag. 
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  1. great review, phanie! it really explain my curiosity a lot. hehe normally, i don't collect much lip product, esp. high end. but this got me thinking for having it. oh noo! lol. love your review as always! <3

  2. Yay! Akhirnya direview. Sori Phanie, I didn't realize it contains alcohol :( I have to make 'reading the ingreadients list' as a habit. ahahaha.. anyway, glad you like it.

  3. Sha, iya, ada warna yang lain yang bikin jadi pengen juga.. ^^
    Felicia, thank you. Teracun kah~?
    Marcelle, agak lama yah ngereviewnya? hahaha.. Gpp koq, as long as it's still moisturizing, hehehe, thanks for the racun ya~ Keep them coming ^__^

  4. Ooh, I've wanted to try these out ever since I saw them on Lisa Eldridge's channel on YouTube. The colour looks great on you! BTW, did you have a haircut?

  5. Suki, Lisa did a review on this? I think I missed that video ~_~ Yes, I did have a haircut! Thanks for noticing~ It still looks a little choppy, though ^_^

  6. aaah... i want this product so bad! tapi pas event kemarin shade no.7 abis.. hiks..