Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: SILKYGIRL Long-Wearing Lipliner 02 Mauve

Hello, lovelies~ If you're looking for an affordable lipliner from the drugstore, you may want to give this one a try. This is my first time trying out a lipliner from this brand, but I think it is comparable to those from other drugstore brands. 

I bought this at the SILKYGIRL counters at the mall. Usually, they are located inside a department store or a Guardian store. I forgot the exact price, I may have to report back to you later. 

The lipliner has the same packaging as the SILKYGIRL long-wearing eyeliner that I reviewed a while ago. It is a retractable product that doesn't need to be sharpened. Such practicality. I like how the cap attaches firmly to the liner when it is closed. It ensures me that it won't open on itself when it is in my makeup bag, smearing everything in sight.

The shade I got is number 02 called Mauve. I can only find this shade and nothing other, perhaps I should visit their counter at a department store. Maybe they have more than one shade. Aside from the shade range, this is one of the color that categorizes as My-Lips-But-Better color. I don't see why this is called Mauve because to my knowledge, Mauve is a pale lavender color in the purple color family. This is more of an in between red and dark red

I like the easy application because all I have to do is just 'draw' on my lips. It looks natural on my lips and just perfect for my everyday makeup routine. The staying power is average for a lipliner on my lips. After a meal, it will usually fade slightly, but some of the color will still be there. 


  1. warna nya cakep dan matte yaaa...<3

    belum pernah ke counter silky girl...~
    dan belum prnh nyoba lipliner..hehe
    berapaan sih sai?

  2. Mer, aku lupa banget harganya berapa, pokoknya ga lewat 50 rb deh.. ^__^

  3. I had one gloss in mauve too. And it has a darker berry color than the lip liner.
    A lot of mauve color that I found on make up are more or less a deep berry color. I guess that's how they describe the color mauve? Hahahahaha XD

  4. Waahhh.. warnanya cantiikk..
    dari dulu maju mundur pengen nyobain lip liner ini
    tapi gara2 baca reviewmu jadi tambah pengeenn
    thanks yaaa ^^

    eniwei, kayanya ada yang warna nude dan pink2 yang lebih muda deh klo ga salah

  5. Penulis Amatir, sama2. ^^
    Flow, kinda confusing ya? Ya sudahlah, as long as the color looks good, everything else doesn't matter, lol ^__^
    Puput, your welcome~ Pengen nyari yang lain ^^