Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: SILKYGIRL Long-Wearing Eyeliner 02 Black Brown

Helo, lovelies~ I was looking for a pencil eyeliner that doesn't need to be sharpened and will stay on my eyelids, at least, half a day. I went to Living World a week ago and bought this eyeliner, along with a mascara and a lip liner.

SILKYGIRL Long-Wearing Eyeliner 02 Black Brown

Availability: SIKYGIRL counters
Price: Rp 29,000 (Normal price is Rp 41,000. I bought it when it was on sale)

One of the things I look for in pencil eyeliners or its kind is its practicality. I need a pencil-eyeliner texture that doesn't need sharpening because I always lose my sharpener. A bit cliche, I know, but that's a fact. All I have to do is rotate the end of the eyeliner and voila~ 

I got the brown shade because I wanted an eyeliner for everyday use that won't look too harsh on my eyes but still gives a definition to them. I saw the black shade, but I'm not sure if they had other colors. It is a darker brown color, which will look soft and natural on my eyes. 

My first impression on this eyeliner when I applied them is how hard it is to line my eyes. It doesn't glide as smoothly as the NYX glide on pencil eyeliners, but I'll try heating it with my hair dryer to see if it helps make it glide on smoother. 

It is easy to use this eyeliner even if you're just a beginner in makeup. All you have to do is draw a line closest to your lash line and you're bascially done. It's just like drawing class, only you're holding an eyeliner, instead of a brown colored pencil. 

As with most pencil or automated pencil eyeliners, the line it produces are softer compared to liquid liners. The line drawn by it will look more natural and less harsh compared to its liquid or gel counter parts. If you want a precise and crisp-looking line, you may want to skip this and use a liquid liner instead. 

When I bought this eyeliner, I was half hearted, assuming that it would fade within an hour after I applied it. However, I was proven wrong, it stayed more than an hour after application. It even stayed for more than 4 hours on my oily eyelids! That is a very, very deciding factor on whether or not I will repurchase it. So, yes, i will be repurchasing this eyeliner if I'm out.

Overall, I may have found my number one/HG eyeliner from the drugstore. The price is affordable (very) and I get a long lasting eyeliner. So far it hasn't caused any problems, such as the red eye or any eye irritation. 


  1. Vani, harga normalnya Rp 41,000, cuman pas beli lagi ada diskon.. Itu aq ga pake base apapun. ^__^

  2. Huhuhu... sayangnya kulitku super kering, jadi kalau pakai pencil eyeliner gampang smudge :(

  3. temanku kemarin beli 25 rb say, dan memang harga aslinya segitu :D

  4. Vero, oh, kalo kering smudge juga? Kirain cm berminyak aja yg smudge..
    Kindinia, walah, berarti Guardian mahal yah? Counternya dmn lg yah, biar dptnya murah. ^___^

  5. Good lasting power! I have oily lids too and finding an eyeliner that won't turn to mush withing an hour has always been a pain!

  6. Suki, that's why I was surprised to see that a USD $3 priced eyeliner is good for me, whereas all the more expensive ones have failed on my eyelids.. >.<

  7. D: meracun dengan sukses... brownnya cakep juga yahh, tadi rencana beli item padahal *tergiurrr* >_<

  8. smudgeproof gak ini sis phanie?

    di matahari dep. store jg ada counter silky girl kok