Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: MAKE OVER Blush On

Hello, lovelies~ Blushes are one of the most important item in makeup for me because it can help disguise my pale face if I'm under the weather. However, I always make sure to wear sunscreen if I were to use blush in the afternoon. I've read somewhere that the pigmentation of the blush can enhance the penetration of UV rays, hence causing sun spots in longer periods of time. Before I ramble on, let's just get to the review. 

MAKE OVER Blush On in 02 Iredescent Pink

Availability: MAKE OVER counters at department stores
Price: Rp 75,000
Size: 6 g

All of the products from MAKE OVER has a separate black box with the product's name inscribed on it, along with the ingredients list on the back. The packging of the blush on is a black square with the product's name on top.

The ingredients are that of your typical blusher with dimethicone. It is useful to produce a smooth, velvety finish. I'm a little surprised to see the absence of talc.

Inside the black MAKE OVER case is a big squared mirror the size of the case with a small brush and blush. I like the mirror because it's bigger than the average blush on mirrors, if that makes any sense. The brush isn't too bad when I want to touch up on the go. Despite its rough appearance, it is actually soft.

The color is a soft baby pink without any shimmers and has a matte finish. I like these types of colors on my cheeks because they don't look like rosacea. In fact, they look cute *delusional* It doesn't end up all chalky and powdery after I swiped my brush on it.

Despite the fact that I have a rule of not wearing blushes in between hours of 9 am to 3 pm, I do still wear it to work. Why oh why do I have the guts to defy my own rules?! WHY?! LoL. It's because my work space or room has no windows, so, u mad, UV rays? *troll face*

The lasting power of this blush on me is around 1.5-2 hours until it faded. I don't see this as a problem because I do realize that it has to be reapplied, anyway. So far, I haven't seen any blushes stayed more than 2 hours on my cheeks. The color payoff is good (it better be! I shelled out 75 k for this) and I do like the baby pink color.

Overall, I liked the sleek black packaging of this blush and the convenience of a soft brush inside. The color looks good on my skin tone, even though it didn't have amazing staying power. I still enjoyed using it, nonetheless. 
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  1. aaaak cakep ya warnanyaaa
    waaah makasih info ttg hubungan blush & uv rays nya.. baru tau banget.. pantes suka ada yang bilang make blush bisa nyebabin bintik hitam dikulit.. ternyata itu toh sebabnya~ :D

  2. Dilla, kayanya aku liat Maybelline Angel fitnya ada yang mirip ini deh warnanya, tapi ga yakin.. ^_^

  3. wah aku juga sering denger kalo panas2an pake blush on bisa bikin flek hitam .. btw love that color .. tapi kayaknya di aku bakal jelek karna aku ccoknya warna2 warm ..

  4. baru tau blush bisa bikin flek...>.<
    kalo gitu make nya malem2 aja de..hahahaha
    warna blush nya cakeep, sayang aku lg suka yg shimmer~
    always, nice review~

  5. So pinky!! Love the color also, but I dunno whether it will show on skintone or not, hehehe..

  6. Vicky, kalo aku pake yang agak peachy jatohnya agak aneh malah ~_~
    Sev, recommend yang shimmer yang bagus apa ya?
    Priscilla, iya, aq sukanya yang pinky2 gt. ^_^

  7. waa...cakeeep, demen banget ama yg pinky2 gini.
    waktu mampir ke konter ga liat2 blush nya, engga tau deh ternyata ada blush cuakeep begini. nyeseel T.T