Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: The Face Shop Flower Touch Hand-Lotion

Hello, lovelies~ I can't get enough of relaxing scents of a hand cream because my hands tend to dry throughout the day. I wash them more than twice, that's for sure. That is why I like trying out various hand creams or lotions. 

The Face Shop Flower Touch Hand-Lotion in Snow Cotton
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Availability: The Face Shop counters
Price: Rp
Size: 70 ml

The lotion is packaged in a squeeze tube with a flip cap at the end to dispense the product. The design on the tube is a simple picture of a snow cotton plant (I assume) with hologram dots spread in between. I like the color theme of this tube, which is a light blue color that is just satisfying to look at. 

The lotion contains mineral oil , shea butter and cotton extract as the moisturizing ingredients. Although I prefer petrolatum-based hand creams, I bought this solely on its scent. I don't know what kind of plant snow cotton is and if it really smells like that, but it is a soft floral scent. 

Once I rubbed my hands together to blend the product, my hands felt moisturized in an instant. However, a minor setback of this lotion is the time it takes to dry or gets absorbed into the skin. It might feel a little greasy for the first minute or so, but afterwards, my hands are soft and moisturized. As with all other hand lotion, I still reapply it after I washed my hands. 

Overall, I like the scent of this hand lotion so much because it has a subtle floral scent that isn't too offensive to my nose. Although it gives smooth hands, it takes quite a long time to dry to a soft finish. 
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  1. i'm eye-ing the face shop's hand cream, and very happy reading your review :)

    does it help with chapped hands? because mine getting chapped sometimes :(

  2. I love hand creams with shea butter. I feel like they last longer.

  3. Tania, I think it would helped those with chapped hands because of the shea butter
    Aleya, they do last longer, but there's a slight greasiness to it that I don't quite like ^__^