Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review and Swatch: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 415 Pink In The Afternoon

Hello, lovelies~ Recently, I've been using lipstick more often than I used to. I guess summer is coming and I wanted a bright set of lips for my everyday makeup look. One that I used often lately is from Revlon shade 415 Pink In The Afternoon, which I got from the GUESS event last Saturday. 

The lipstick didn't have a separate box packaging, but it does have a plastic seal with the list of ingredients. The top of the lipstick tube has a clear plastic, so I can see the color even when placed on my beauty rack. Very convenient. 
My bare lips
415 Pink In The Afternoon 
Pink In The Afternoon is in the pink family, but a soft, subtle color. It's almost like a cherry blossom pink, but slightly darker. I like how it evens out my lips and gives a brighter look to my face. The color itself is really sweet and cute on its own, don't you think? 

On my lips without eating, drinking, licking or biting my lips, it would last a good 4 hours. Otherwise, it would fade after a meal like most lipsticks. The formula of this lipstick is more of a matte finish, hence my lips would feel dry when I had this on. However, I usually apply a hint of gloss in the middle of my lips for a moisturized feeling a touch of shine. 

Overall, I love the color of the lipstick itself because it is suitable to wear everyday, making my face looks less fatigued. Even though it is slightly drying, I can fix with a gloss. Also, the name is just too cute! ^_^
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  1. Aku punya pink in the afternoon juga phanie, tapi gatau kenapa yang satu ini bikin kering banget.. padahal aku punya super lustrous lipstick shade lain yang almost nude sama blushing nude ga sekering ini.. :(

  2. Pnyaku malah kukasi k mamaku ci krn aku ga suka warnanya, trlalu tua hahaha :p

  3. whee, it makes your lips look so much healthier and rosy!

  4. As I thought, pasti bagus warnanya di ceceee xD

  5. Ephong, he?? Shade yang lain ga kering toh? Aq biasanya pake gloss kalo berasa kering banget..

    Rini, dapet yang pink juga ya? ^^

    Rindodo, it does! That's why I love it. ^^

  6. Priscilla, thank you~ Warna ama namanya lucu...~ ^^

  7. cici, warnanya cakep banget. tp seri yg ini kok ngeringin banget ya d aku. biasanya pake lipbalm apa ci?

  8. Fenn, aku biasanya pake NIVEA Essentials yang biru sblm pake foundation, jadi ada kesempatan buat moisturize bibirku, baru pas terakhir pake lipsticknya ^^

  9. dapet pink in the afternoon juga X3~ awal pas baca, bacanya pine in the afternoon LoL

    not a very lipstick lover cuz most doesn't suit me but this one so soft and natural x3~ apalagi klo basenya pake lipbalm <3~