Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phanie's Prized Products : May 2012 Edition

Hello, lovelies~ Are you ready for my newly formatted monthly faves post? Well, it's not that new considering I've been using this in my previous posts. Nonetheless, I present to you my May favorites.

1. TheFaceShop Arsainte ECO-THERAPY Extreme Moisture Tonic with Essential. Wow! That's quite a mouthful, isn't it? This toner turned a non-toner-believer like me into a toner-addict. My combination/dry skin loves this and this is already my second-heading-to-third bottle.

2. Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Face Wash. I love the gentle property of this face wash. It doesn't strip away all of  the oils on my face harshly. My face feels moisturized even after the face washing session.

3. MAKE OVER Creamy Lust Lipstick Shade 02 in Retro Pink. One of the few bright pinks that I own and love. The shade itself is really girly.

4. SILKYGIRL Long-Wearing Eyeliner 02 Black Brown. I don't want to jinx it, but this may very well be my holy grail pencil eyeliner. The color stayed for a long time and it doesn't need sharpening.

5. MAKE OVER Perfect Cover Two Way Cake in 02 Sheer Pink. I like to use this when I'm in a hurry because it's easy to use and blend all over my face. The powder feels light, which is suitable for everyday use.

6. L'oreal Paris Double Extension Curl Mascara. Another probably holy grail from the mascara department. It has a dry formula, perfect for thin eyelashes like mine. It holds my curls all day long. I LOVE it!!

What are your beauty product favorites this month?
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  1. great one ci! masa segitu bagusnya eyelinernya silky girl? jd pingin nyoba.. as for me, my fave beauty product this month is revlon microfine loose powder :))

  2. Fenn, even I'm surprised myself over the satying power of the eyeliner. Brand yang 1 ini ga boleh di underestimate sepertinya ^^ Been wanting to try revlon's loose powder juga sih, tapi masih banyaakkk loose powder yang lain >.<