Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pedicure At Home With Julep

Hello, lovelies~ Nails can be one of the body parts that I often forgot to take care of. Probably because I'm not that diligent when it comes to pushing back the cuticles and swiping nail polish on each nails. Even if I wanted to get my nails done at a salon, I'm sometimes really lazy to do it.
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Yesterday, I was browsing and found a pedicure at home kit from Julep. I've heard good things about Julep Maven from youtubers that subscribed to their beauty box. The unique and cute thing about Julep nail polish is the name of each polish. They tend to have girls names, such as Chloe, Brooklyn, Malin, Kate, Reese,etc. They say the reason behind it is because those women inspired them to be gorgeous, daring and different. Still, a cute way of naming your products. 

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There isn't a Julep counter here in my location, so I'll have to order online if I want to get my hands on them. Their nail polish bottle looked really cute and different from other nail polishes. It's elongated, unlike other wide bottle. I can see this fitting perfectly in my makeup bag and I can use it whenever I chipped a nail. 

I'll update you on what I bought from Julep and how I like their polishes once I get my hands on them. For now, I think I'll gawk at them from afar behind my computer monitor. o_O
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  1. I'm a part of their membership program, julep maven. I've had really great experience with them! You won't be sorry, and the polish is really great quality

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