Wednesday, May 16, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Electrifies Cannes Film Festival 2012

Hello, lovelies~ Do you know about Cannes Film Festival? This is an annual film festival that shows films from various genres all over the world with the Palme d'Or being the highest award to be earned. Cannes Film Festival has been known worldwide because of variety of films and star actors and actresses walking the red carpet with their glamorous appearance. 

L'Oreal Paris has been supporting Cannes Film Festival for 15 years with their creative and innovative makeup looks for the red carpet. They have also been sending brand ambassadors world wide from America, United Kingdom, Holland, China, etc. This year's brand ambassador that will be representing not only L'Oreal Paris, but also all of South East Asia is Indonesia's own Dian Satrowardoyo!

I was given the opportunity to attend the event on 14th May 2012 with the theme Cannes Electric. I'm pretty sure Dian Sastro can electrify everyone with her beauty once she's in Cannes Film Festival. ^_^

There is a new collection from L'Oreal Paris that has that electrifying theme. I don't know when it will be out, but the colors look promising.

The show starts with a background on what Cannes Film Festival is along with a few opening words from the president director of L'Oreal Paris and a representative of the France embassy. After another few words from the marketing manager of L'Oreal Paris, the star of the show takes the place on one of the high seats.

Dian Sastro looked amazingly beautiful as always as she shared her tips on achieving a flawless complexion and lusciously long eyelashes. However, it has to be noted that she is not chosen solely on her beauty, but also  on her accomplishments and lovely personality throughout the years. She is the very definition of L'Oreal Paris' slogan of "Because We're Worth It". 

After sharing skincare routine and makeup tips, there were a live makeup demo by Adi Adrian. He explained all about eyeshadow application, a fresh blush application and bright wearable lip color. 

They also showed sketches of what Dian will be wearing while in Cannes Film Festival on 25th of May 2012. The one from Eddy Betty is the one she will be wearing as she walks the red carpet over at Cannes film Festival. 

A session of question and answer from the press was done before the event officially ended. It is a significant moment in Indonesian history. We're proud of you, Dian Sastro! Brains and beauty all in one, simply remarkable.
All the best in Cannes! ^_^
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  1. You look so excited in the last picture! ^_^ She's really beautiful by the way!

  2. Suki, I was in the middle of laughing actually and they snapped the picture, LOL.