Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty Tips: Travel Essentials Skincare Items

Hello, lovelies~ I've been meaning to get this post up ever since I came back from Singkawang, but admist all of the other review posts, I forgot. I'm not a travel-type person, but earlier this year, I've been doing nothing but that. So, I thought I'd do a post on the beauty essentials that I bring when I travel if I were to challenge myself to bring only five items, skincare wise.

Cleansing Wipes

This is a life saver for me during travelling, especially on long flights. These wipes can take off makeup or even clean any smudges on your eyes easily. I don't usually bring a whole makeup remover because of the risk of spilling it all over (Yes, I'm THAT clumsy). These wipes are simple, practical and does the job easily. 

Sunscreen (or tinted ones)

I started to think that I sound like a broken record player when I say, 
"Sunscreen is the most important product in any skincare routine because it helps protect the skin from aging". 
Find sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB by looking at the SPF number and PA +++. If you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, it is recommended to opt for a physical sunscreen (one containing both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). Tinted ones are even better because you won't need to slather on foundation if you're on the go. 


I would particularly choose a serum that will help brighten my face. A serum has more concentrated active ingredients packed, so it would be more beneficial to bring compared to a moisturizer. Well, at least for me, because sometimes a serum is enough to moisturize my combination type skin.

Lip Balm

This is the one item I can't live without. If my lips are dry, I tend to (unconsciously) lick them. This will not help ail the dryness, but exaggerate it even more. I usually bring a tinted lip balm, so it can double up as a makeup item. 

Sheet Face Masks

If I'm travelling for a week, there will usually be days when I'm super tired and my face acts all spoiled and nasty. Chapped around the edges of my nose and mouth, rough on the cheeks and redness present all over. This is where face masks come to save the day. Place it in a fridge for an hour before use to give a cooling and soothing effect to the skin. Choose a mask that will solve your skin's usual problem when travelling, be it redness, acne, dryness or dullness.

Those are the items I choose if I can only bring five type of items with me when I travel. I hope that was useful for those who are travelling in the future. What do you usually bring when travelling? ^_^

P.S: Excuse the blue background, I spilled foundation on my usual white background. I'll have to buy a new one. Soon. >.<
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  1. nice post!
    sering bingung bawa apa aja klo mau travelling, skrg ini bisa jd referensi deh :D

    eh btw, itu kamu pake apa edit fotonya?
    kok lucu bisa nambah2in gambar pesawat, koper, kamera dll? :)

  2. Hihihi... Karena aku biasanya keluar kota untuk business trip, jadi bawaan tetep segambreng. Tapi aku nggak pernah inget bawa shet face mask. Padahal itu perlu banget karena mukaku pasti kucel nggak keruan gara-gara meeting seharian. Thanks for the helpful post :)

  3. wow, baru tau kalo masker perlu dibawa kalo travelling (padahal sendirinya kucel) *lol*

    nice point :D

    btw cleansing wipes kayak punya TFS itu cepet kering ga kalo jarang dipake (ga dibuka juga)?

  4. I agree with all the points that you've made! I would also take with me a facial mist, especially if I were to go somewhere hot, so that I could freshen up during the day!

  5. Sha, thank you~ ^_^
    Putri Panda, glad to help~ Pake photoscape ngeditnya ^_^
    Vero, aku juga baru akhir2 ini bawa face mask.. enaknya kalo abis seharian aktivitas trus maskeran di kamar~ ^_^
    Tania, kalo TFS yan kecil sih stikernya cukup kuat jadi ga cepet kering sih, asal nutupnya bener aja. ^_^
    Suki, it is really refreshing to mist all over the face, especially when it's blazing hot~ ^_^

  6. Itu tissu walau bukan dalam rangka traveling berhari2, tetep aku bawa2 di tas. Penyelamat hidup banget :)

    Nice post, Phanie..

  7. Loved it, thanks for info :)

  8. Sekararum, apalagi kali muka lagi minyakan, rasanya abis pake cleansing wipes enak banget.. ^___^
    Anon, your welcome~