Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bazaar: Konjac-ing At FX

Hello, lovelies~ A week ago, I won a face mask from My Konjac Sponge from a twitter contest. It's not often I won something. They told me to retrieve the prize at their bazaar which was held at FX Lifestyle Center over at Sudirman. 

When I reached the 7th floor, I was a little puzzled as to where the venue was, but it was resolved quickly after. I tweeted My Konjac asking for the location and they responded pretty quickly. 

My Konjac Sponge held a bazaar where 30% of the sales will go to charity. The stand served an array of konjac sponges on stands. 

I met with the woman behind all spongy goodness and got my prize. Thank you for the face mask~ and for bringing konjac sponges to Indonesia. 

I didn't stay too long because I have other plans waiting that I didn't taste the cupcake. Wrong decision, now that I think about it. However, it was such a lovely bazaar and there are also assortments of red velvet cupcakes and marshmallows. Check out their website for more information about the Konjac sponges or follow their twitter account @MyKonjac for updates. Thanks for reading and as always, see you in my next post~ ^_^
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  1. congrats phanie~~
    aku lihat juga di twitter ttg kamu menang face masknya ^^

  2. congraatttzz!!! =D *dance*
    aku sudah mau beli tapi kok lihat dompet isinya bikin miris hati yah Phanie=(

  3. Congrats for winning the mask!!! And how professional of them to reply to your tweet promptly - they sound like a good company. You should have definitely tried those cupcakes though, they look SO yummy! :)

  4. Sha, thank you~ ^_^
    Sabrina, harganya emang bikin dompet bolong. Tapi bisa dipake selama 6 bulan koq ^_^
    Suki, they are a professional company, replying tweets and whatnot. I know, I should've tried the cupcakes, I was so much in a hurry that day, T___T

  5. is that Ms.Sylviana?
    Aku udah beli yang bamboo charcoal dan dipake selama semingguan ini.. awalnya emang agak aneh krn ga biasa ga pake sabun tapi lama2 enak juga... dan emang bener, jerawatnya ngga nongol padahal biasanya buanyak..hehehe..

  6. Vanilla, yes, it is! Kenyal2 pemberantas jerawat ya~ ^_^

  7. akhirnya kubulaka tekad untuk beli... *waiting for this items* *dance*

  8. Thank you guys for all lovely comments, kita happy products kita bisa diterima semua. Thank you for your super help :)