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20 Years of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

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Hello, lovelies~ The year 2012 is a joyous year for Yves Saint Laurent. For 20 years, Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat has been the symbol of illuminating, glowy makeup. Kind of like a hero of the light, I would say. Battling all the dullness on the face.
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Last Sunday, 27 May 2012, I went to the Yves Saint Laurent event to join in the celebration of the 20 years anniversary (Thank you, YSL!). On this wonderful occasion, YSL launches a limited edition Touche Eclat that has gold, elevated streaks all over the packaging. 

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I got there quite early at 10.30 and met with Franky, better known as Rebzone. Afterwards, all the other came one by one. The event was held right in front of SOGO department store, beautifully decorated with gold balloons, fulfilling the theme of radiance from the Touche Eclat.

The collection of Touche Eclat was placed on a private stand with all the shades from number 1 to 8. Making the world a brighter place. The packaging is efficient because all you have to do is click it like you would a pen and product comes out. The PR told me a story about how some women have these in their pencil cases so they can touch up as they go! o_O

Aside from the world famous highlighter, there are other products that are introduced as well. I've already met the famous glossy stains that stains the lips yet gives a glossy finish if applied in two coats. I'm not paid by YSL to say this, but their glossy stains are out of this world! They're awesome!

They also have their new skincare line, Youth Liberator. The PR suggested I try the facial foam from their skincare line as it is one of the best products. She also recommended the Youth Liberator serum as it is lightweight whilst slowing the aging process by keeping the skin radiant, luminous and plump. 

While some of use are engaged in trying out the products, one of us, Ms. Mada, had a makeover performed by the YSL MUA. On the picture above, she had her face cleansed before applying fresh makeup from YSL. I didn't stay till the end to see the final look of the makeover, but I'm sure it was gorgeous as she always have been.

Me - Silke - Carryn - Gabby
They also provided macaroons, colorful ones. I have to go home early because my father had his birthday celebration at home. So, I didn't stay for the second event at 1.30 pm.

Even though, I didn't stay till the end of the event that day, I'm pleased to have been included in the celebration of their 20th anniversary. I'm sure that Yves Saint Laurent will continue to create breathtaking cosmetics to further enhance the natural beauty of women all over the world.
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