Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Hello, lovelies. I can't resist lip tints or lip stains. I love them better than lipsticks. Probably because of the long staying power even after food and drinks. Last week, I bought Etude House's lip tint that I have been wanting to try for the longest time.

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Availability: Etude House counters
Price: starts at Rp 134,000 ( I bought it while it was on sale)

The lip tint came in a small bottle with the related color. I got the red and pink shade, so that's what the color of the bottle is. The size is quite small, so I can definitely fit it into my makeup bag.

It has a typical lipgloss applicator, I never know what those applicators are called. Dover? Dovet? The point is you know what I mean, right? ^_^

The product came in three shades; red, pink and orange. I managed to get only the red and pink because I look a bit off wearing an orange shade on my lips. Although, truth be told, I kinda want to buy it right now. 

When it first applied on my lips, I feel a bit sticky and slimy on the lips. However, once it's blended evenly all over my lips, the sticky, slimy feeling is gone. My lips are stained red or pink with a matte finish. Looks really natural and sweet, especially if the stain is only applied on the center of the lips.

The staying power of this lip tint is remarkable. The color is still on my lips, even after I ate and drank! However, it doesn't moisturize my lips, but I used a separate lip balm to coat over the top of the tint. Not a problem, there.

Overall, the long staying power and natural look of this lip tint is what won me over. I even like them better than Tony Moly's lip tint. ♥♥♥
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  1. warna nya cakep, staying power nya oke, nge-blend nya juga gampang, sayang drying parah di bibir >.<

  2. Dina, iya, tapi biasanya abis kering bbrp saat kupakein lipbalm.. hahah ^_^