Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #1 Hawaii Ray Pink

Hello, lovelies~ I'm sorry I didn't post anything on Sunday, no excuses from me. :) Anyway, lip tints are famous for their long staying power, but they are also known for drying out the lips as if you haven't had any water for the past week. Yes, that's how severe some people reported it to be. What a reputation, huh? Well, I came across this lip tint from Etude House about a week ago and thought it was slightly different. 

Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss 
#1 Hawaii Ray Pink

Availability: Etude House counters and online. For the month of April, Etude House Indonesia is having a 30% + 20% (20% discount is added is you have the member card) for the month of April.

On first sight, the packaging of the lip tint itself is a practical, on the go, and girly double ended sticks. It has a tint and gloss side on each end with a cap to protect it from getting destroyed in a makeup bag. The cap is beautifully designed with floral and leaf patterns on it. Also, the color of the stick itself is a gorgeous bronze-brown that is maybe associated with going to get tanned on the beach. Perhaps?

However, when I touch them, the cap feels really flimsy. I can imagine putting in my makeup bag and amongst all other makeup items in it, the cap is unscrewed and the product got smashed, leaving me with smears of lip tints on the inside of my makeup bag. A simple 'click!' upon closing would have made me feel a lot better leaving it unattended.

There are four shades in this collection, but I only got one of them to try. The tint is pink and the gloss is clear with small silver glitters. Although the gloss looks blue, it really goes on clear, so you won't get cyanotic-like lips. 

When I applied it on my lips, the tint feels moisturizing, unlike the other lip tints that I have tried (Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and Tony Tint). The tint itself felt like I was applying a tinted lip balm because it doesn't feel overly greasy or sticky, which is a good thing. It doesn't leave a stain on a glass when I'm drinking, which I like ♥♥♥. It is still there after I drink a cup of tea. 

Moving on to the gloss. It may look a little scary because it leads you to believe that you'll end looking like you're in need of oxygen, but fear not. It is simply a clear gloss with silver glitter particles to amp up the look of the lips, if needed. I rarely use this because I like my lips to look natural as you know I'm all into that natural aspect of makeup that sometimes, it can be a TAD boring to look at, lol. 

Combined, these two look great, especially during the day when I don't need a lot of makeup. I would usually use sunscreen and a lip tint, then I'm off. Using it is also a piece of cake since all I need to do is draw on my lips. 

Now, for the downside of this product. As you can see, it is shaped like double ended sharpened pencil. Hence, I will need to sharpen them once in a while when the ends are already blunt. Pity, I don't have a sharpener that 'fat', so I'll need to buy a new one. Just wished is came in a twist off packaging, then my life would be a lot easier. Way easier. The staying power isn't as long as the previous one I've had, ranging at 4-5 hours, if you don't eat and lick your lips. 

Still, this is a good product. I like the easy application and pigmented color that the tint gave. Also, the ability of the tint to not stain my glass is one of the factor that I like a lot in a lip product. As for staying power, I don't see it as a problem with not staying all day. 
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  1. Cuman 1 komentar buat produk ini..cute!!
    Packagingnya cantik, warna pinknya juga cantik. Yang glossnya kukira warnanya juga akan keluar warna biru ternyata setelah di swatch warnanya bening ya.. cantik banget *mupeng* Makasih reviewnya phanie~~

  2. this is sooo..tempting... pengen banget coba.. abisnya lucu..

  3. Sha, your welcome. Hope you'll try it someday~
    Ibu, tapi bingung nyerutnya nih >.<

  4. wahh uda pegang2 kemaren waktu ada diskon! ahaha.. tapi ga jadi ambil..hehe first impression it's really unique and cute ya! tapi iya nih, downsidenya musti nyerut dan nanti jd waste of the product. i like the other shade, yg dua2nya warna peach-coral gt, phanie :) *maap,sksd :P tapi line aloha ini kayanya jd favorite aku de. it surprisingly good! thx for the lovely review!! :))

  5. -----------, packagingnya girly banget~
    Felicia, pengen coba warna yang lain, cuman mikir2 lagi kalo mesti nyerut, rada males dee~ Your welcome~