Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nichijou: To Singkawang and Beyond~!

Hello, lovelies~ Since a few of my products are still waiting to meet their review-appropriate deadline, I'll just do a random post about my life in pictures. I know this is sidetracking, but once in a while, I guess that's okay. Besides, I started this blog as a diary, anyway~ 

These were taken at Pasir Panjang beach at Singkawang. The name was obtained from the fact that the sandy part of the beach is long, pasir means sand, panjang means long. We went there to capture the sunset, but failed, because the clouds decided to hide the sun. It wasn't a futile trip, though. I still manage to spend time playing at the beach with Mr. G, even if it means taking vanity pictures and artsy-fartsy ones.

One of the artsy fartsy picture I was talking about

It just got lost in translation. -_-"

The view of Pasir Panjang from above

Mr. G wanted to be included in the artsy-fartsy shots

How can I resist not taking pics? >.<

What kind of adventure would it be without food? We stopped by a couple of restaurants to satisfy our (or rather, mine) tummies.
I know I haven't posted a haul for ages, but I thought I'd slip one compilation picture of my collective haul this month. Yeah, for shopping~! 
So, that's basically what my life has been if I'm not working. I've noticed that I have been travelling a lot more than I have been my whole life. *random thought* 

Anyways, I'll see you in my next post. ^_^ / ♡
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  1. Romantis dehhhh..x) *poke phanie*

  2. cantik banget pantainya ^^
    Produknya make over bagus ga phanie?

  3. so pretty !!! Can't wait for Make over review... will you make it ? :)


  4. Hihi. its like an ages since my last time visiting pasir panjang!! pasir panjang 2 ya kak??? hehe

  5. Gabz, heh. nusuk2.. hahaha.. ^_^
    Sha, pantainya masih bersih pula, ga kaya di Ancol. ^^
    Marsha, of course, I'll review the Make Over products, dear~
    Dita, wedew, ada yang nmr 1 nya? ga ngerti akuuu~ >.<

  6. phanie.. kalau pernah ke sby, pantai kenjeran lebih parah lagi dari ancol >_<