Friday, April 13, 2012

Makeup Look: Mockingjay x Girl On Fire

Hello, lovelies~ A bit of an unusual post today since I'm bored. I was reading the second book of Hunger Games and just as I closed the book, I saw the book cover and wanted to use those colors on my eyes. The cover of the book has a yellow-ish gold mockingjay and the colors faded into a dark orange and later into a bronzed brown.

I didn't want to use brown, so I thought I'll just mix the mockingjay color with the girl on fire, which is a deep red color. However, as I started blending the outer edges, it turned out to be more orange than red, but that wasn't an issue. I should've applied the eyeshadow slightly higher or else it doesn't show up on my monolid. 

I was still quite pleased with myself because I've never done this before. As you all may know, my makeup looks are always natural or that 'no makeup' makeup look, so this is different than my usual routine. 

Excuse the sloppy eyeliner application, I am still learning. Notice that the makeup on the inner corner of my eye is a little faded. My eyes get watery really easy, especially with heavy makeup and fake lashes, so that kinda gets wiped when I blinked. 

For the lips I wanted an orange kinda yellow lip color, so I apply a layer of reddish pink lipstick and coat it with the gold and yellow eyeshadow I have on my lips. It doesn't look too eye catching and vibrant, but my lips are getting drier by the minute, so I just snap some pictures because my eyes get more watery.

I'm aware that it's not a mockingjay. Improvise, baby~ ♥
I hope you are enjoying this post, even if it is executed poorly. I really need to buy contacts, so I can see when I apply my eye makeup. I'm as blind as a bat without them. -___- I'll see you in my next post.
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  1. make up ny bgusss,,,,

    come to my blog,sist...
    please enjoy it

  2. Do you like The Hunger Games too ?! I'm a big fans of THG :D


  3. Marsha, I enjoyed the first book. It's hard to put down. ^_^ Saw your Katniss braid tutorial, cute!

  4. wah cantiknyaaaa. Cocok banget, kesannya warm gitu :D