Friday, April 13, 2012

Konyaku For Your Face?

Hello, lovelies~ Last month, I was contacted by a company called My Konjac Sponge to try out their products, which are sponges used to wash the face. A bit unusual for my skin care routine, but I am willing to give it a try, especially if it's quirky in its own way.

The origin of the sponge is from a plant Amorphophallus Konjac, better known as the Konjac Potato. It goes by Konyaku in Japan, now that is more of a familiar name, isn't it? Those squishy, jelly like desserts that we consume after a meal. This sponge is made from that same plant, which consisted of 97% water and 3% fiber (glucomannan). 
Great. Now I want dorayaki seeing from the sides. -___-
They sent the product yesterday and I've received it today. They have five different types of sponges, each having their own unique property. The sponge I received is the Korean Ocher sponge, which claims to be soothing, cleansing, smoothing and anti aging. That's quite a promise coming from a sponge, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. 
It hangs beautifully alongside my other things (another sponge and face wash net)
So, I'll be posting a weekly update for a month on how my skin is doing with this product, look forward to that. After the month is up, I'll do a proper review on the product itself, the usual pros and cons. So far, it feels really squishy and light.
How it looks like dry and damp

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  1. It's so unique ^^ can't wait for the full review

  2. My Lovely Sister, unique concept, will do that soon~ ♥

  3. Oh,aku barusan beli juga tapi laen merk sii..^^ ditunggu reviewnya..

  4. Waa..menarik, menanti review lengkapnya :))

  5. so adorable , the sponge looks like dorayaki :) hehe


  6. wow, lucunya dan menarik kak. jadi spongenya ada macem2 fungsi gitu?? gak pernah tau kalau ada beginian... :D

  7. Lovely, yang pertama kubeli sih merknya Sponyaku, punyamu merknya itu juga kah?
    Dina, duduk yang manis yah, ade2.. *plak*
    Marsha, Doraemon would've eaten that immediately. ^^
    Dita, ada yang buat jerawat juga! Menarik sih, liat deh abis pake 2 minggu kesan2nya.. ^^

  8. Chris, untuk ngebersiin muka, say. ^^

  9. Bukan,tar aku review deh!^^*lagi males nulis2*hehehe..

  10. Lovely Cosme, sip deh~ I'll wait for the review..

    Rini, thanks for the award, dear~