Friday, April 20, 2012

Konjac Update: First Week Without Any Cleanser

Hello, lovelies~ Remember the sponge I received last Friday? Well, it has been a week and I have been using the sponge religiously for a week, day and night. I read from various sources that I can use the sponge, as is, without any face cleanser, to wash my face. So, out of curiosity (and my love to you guys), I washed my face with the sponge and NO face wash.

Day one felt.. unusual. I'm used to having lots of bubbles when I wash my face, maybe that's why it felt slightly off and weird. I soak the sponge in a glass of water for a good minute, take it out of the glass, gently squeeze it until it's slightly damp, and massage it all over my face. This might sound weird, but I like the squishy noise as it presses onto my face. The sponge is soft and has small to medium sized pores all over. I had two acne on my forehead before I used this sponge, so let's see if the acne decides to stay or go away if I were to wash my face without any face washing products.

The morning of day two I used this again and my face felt soft after using it. After that, I continued with my morning skincare, makeup and went to work. Night time came, I removed all of my makeup with my cleansing oil and washed my face with this sponge again. My face still feels that same soft feeling I felt in the morning. So far, no new acne sighted anywhere.

It's Sunday or day three of my Konjac adventure. By now, I've gotten used to washing my face with that sponge. Almost like I look forward to washing my face with it. I like the sensation of washing it in the morning, it felt invigorating and wakes me up.

Another day, another face washing with the sponge on day four (still without any face cleanser). So far, no new acne has shown, despite the fact that it's my first day of my period. They should be coming anytime soon. The acne, I mean, but they haven't really shown their 'faces' (or rather eyes) yet. When I washed my face at night, I realized that the sides of the sponge are different. There are a rough side and a smooth side. Interesting.

Day five was the day I was fearing. As most women know, when period comes, acne if not far behind. I was still insisting on washing my face with that sponge, but my face still feels soft and acne-free.

Day six came and it has almost been a week since I've used this without any face cleanser. I'm surprised to say that there still hasn't been a new pimple popping up somewhere on my face.

Final day, day seven of using the sponge without any cleanser. I'd say that it has been a pleasure using this sponge, simply because of the squishy texture of the sponge itself. I don't know how it manages to keep my face clean all through the week without any cleanser. At the end of the day, I'm left with soft, smooth skin and no new acne appearing on my face. That's all I needed to know.

The next week, I will be using the sponge with a face cleanser. I'm really sorry if this takes a longer time to review, it's just that I want to be sure that I give it enough time for a proper review. So, if you are that patient in waiting for another week, I highly appreciate it. Until then, I'll see you in my next post~ ^_^
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  1. Reviewnya detail banget phanie hehehe
    *waiting the next review*

  2. Wow, so thorough! Love your review, full with memes, hahaha! :D

  3. Love your review!! <3 This sponge is really amazing.. Without cleansing your face with cleasnsing soap right? But i would feel it weird without soap on my face >w<

  4. wow would love to wait your next review ^_^

  5. Sha, thank u, maao kalo agak lama.. Hehehe..
    Cecile, thank you, dear.. I can summarize with memes. ^_^
    My Konjac, your welcome and thank you for such a good product~
    ---, thank you. I hope you can find it useful ^_^
    Kinayachi, it feels slightly slippery, as if using a soap, but it disappears once u rinse it. ♡
    Yurisa, thank you. ♡☆

  6. Interesting, entar kalo cleansing pad ku udah pensiun (sebulanan lagi) mau coba ini ah...
    Ditunggu laporan selengkapnya :)

  7. wah sounds good...
    I wanted to try also but wasn't sure...
    now I think it's worth try :D
    thanks for the review

  8. Dina, pake cleansing pad yang mana say? *kepo*
    Vanillablue, you can also use it with a cleanser if you're not sure it'll be clean enough. ^^