Drugstore Finds: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hello, lovelies~ This is going to be a super brief and short post because I'm just really excited about this. I went to a mini market near my house today and found a small tub of Vaseline on the shelf. Why am I excited about this, a simple item that can be discovered anywhere? Well, I have been trying to look for this item, but have never succeeded to find it. Thus, my excitement when I saw this on the mini market shelf.

Have you ever seen Vaseline in stores near you? Do let me know if you do. ^_^
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  1. never! susah banget buat nemuin ini di mini market deket rumah, kalau mau beli harus pesan lewat online :(

  2. setuju ama sis shasha, it is difficult to find in mini market. :(

  3. hee.. nemu di supermarket mana sis? o.o
    ga pernah nemu di supermarket di sby..biasanya pesan online bisanya..

  4. Same question with Xiao Vee, where did you find this stuff?? Need your info, please.. :(

    Thank you :)

  5. *-* maybe bakal menjajal semua minimarket terdekat jangkauan buat nanya satu2 apakah ada jual ini.. saya beneran pengen nyobain.. haha

  6. Sha & Nana, dulu kayanya banyak yah di supermarket, tapi ditarik ama BPOM.. Alasannya ga tau deh.. >.>
    Xiao & Okinice, nemu di supermarket deket rumah, namanya Rejeki. ^_^
    Dita, rasanya sih sama ama Nivea Essentials yang biru.. ^_^ thicker consistency aja..

  7. pas kemaren aku ke kostan temenku didaerah benhil aku liat deh,,tp di pasar tradisional gitu
    mm,,fake or ori ya kira2?

  8. @ xiao vee : di papaya sby kayaknya ada .. :)

  9. aku aja beli nya dari taiwan :(
    susah bgt dapet nya di indo

  10. nindy, wah, nda tau ya saya >.<
    yoenida, betul2! hunting barang ini sampe susah bener.. ^_^