Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Tips: When Allergy Attacks

Hello, lovelies~ A few days ago, I woke up with a case of mild allergy. My eyes are swollen, my nose is runny and then congested and I sneezed half of the day away. I didn't immediately consume medicine when I first sneezed because I thought it's just a usual hello-good-morning sneeze. However, as it worsen, I caved and drank antihistamines. It's not a severe allergic reaction episode, but I do notice a few things that helps to keep my face from looking healthy and allergy-symptoms-free (this word doesn't make any sense, but I'm still gonna use it. U mad?).

Ice Cold Towel
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The first thing I noticed is my slightly swollen eyes. They're not swollen up to the point that my vision is lost, just a slight bulge on my eyelid. I took a small hand towel, fill a bowl with cold water (added a couple of ice cubes as well), soak the towel for around 2-3 minutes, fold it, and lay it over both my eyes.

The cold temperature will help reduce the inflammation, hence improving the swollen eyes. Remember, do not apply an ice cube immediately on your skin as this will cause freezing burn. Make sure you wrap it with either a tissue or put it inside a zip lock bag before applying it onto your skin.

Moisturizer or Facial Mist

If you keep blowing your nose all day, you may end up with dry, flaky skin on the edges of your nose. I fixed this by applying my current favorite moisturizer (it's a serum, but quite moisturizing) from Derma e.

If you want something lighter, you can use a facial mist and spritz it over your face for a refreshed feeling. I have been using the one from SANA lately. 

Lip Balm
Once the runny nose stops, it becomes congested and I'm forced to breathe through my mouth. Imagine all the air going in and out of your mouth, resulting in dry lips. I applied lip balm multiple times to keep my lips hydrated and chapped-free. If I have to go out, I'll use a tinted lipbalm to make my complexion fresher.


If I have a meeting or have to go to work that day, I wouldn't wear too much makeup, rather a light dusting of powder to keep my skin tone even. Also, I would stay away from eye makeup because it would end up being ruined when my eyes are all watery and I rubbed it accidentally.

Those are the beauty essentials I use when my allergy runs amok. I didn't say they help relieve the allergy symptoms, but it does improve the look on my face, so I won't look all dry and dull. Aside from that, I still take antihistamines (Loratadine if it happens during daytime or CTM if it happens during night time) to relieve the symptoms. 

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  1. this tips are really nice and useful for me. thank you

  2. thanks buat tipsnya phanie~~
    semoga cepat sembuh ya dari alerginya..

  3. I'm totally in need of allergy relief. It's been horrible in NY and it's all I can do to not scratch my eyes and sniff all day long.

  4. Phanie, lately, you always use that 9Gag stuffs on your post...I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHA! LOL. It makes your posts very special and...lovely. :P

    Well, talking about allergy, sometimes I get that allergy of weather. When it's too cold or too hot outside, my nose becomes runny, and yes, it causes bumpy eyes, red nose, blahblah, so uncomfortable! I usually do nothing but running out of tissue paper -_- But it gets better if I take off my glasses to make my nose more free, and take a little rest or do something to boost my, playing piano or watch my favourite TV series, and sometimes it magically cures my allergy! LOL. :D

  5. Aleya, hopefully this post will be useful~
    Ningrum, allergies are just the worst! It can ruin my day, just in seconds.. Great strategy to distract it when allergy attacks~ ^^