Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty Event: Come Closer With SK-II

Hello, lovelies~ On 24th April 2012, I was invited by Stella, who was asked by SK-II, to invite bloggers to attend the launching of the new products from SK-II.

Since I was free that day, I jumped on the invitation and went to the event. It was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Pacific Place at their spa on the 8th floor. The schedule that day is to have a facial treatment using the finest products from SK-II. 

I arrived there at the same time as Gabby and Stella. I also met Nisa on the way upstairs to the spa room. Once we reached the eighth floor, we were directed to sign the guest list, kinda like when you go to weddings. When I entered the room, there were snacks and tea~ They have English Breakfast, Jasmine Green Tea, Natural Green Tea, and coffee. There are also savoury and sweet snacks such as; mini doughnuts, cookies and bitterballen (I guess?). I took the mini doughnuts because it's just too cute. ^_^ ♡

Aside from all the distracting foods, there are SK-II products on the other side of the room. The classic, tried and true products are placed neatly side by side in a single row.

All the new products are placed on a stand with red silk underneath it as they are the super star of the event. 

After we finished eating, it's time to start the skin test. No, it's no an allergy test. This test is performed using a USG-handheld-look-alike-thing-amagick to reveal the luminosity or glow the skin has.

The test showed that skin lacked its 'glow' from within. Well, I expected that to happen since my skin always looked its dullest when I'm having my period.

Let's hope this facial treatment from SK-II will help increase my skin's inner glow, making me confident to be looked at from 20 cm distance.

I was led to a private room with a bed, a bath robe and a lineup of SK-II products on the sink. I wish I can take all of them home with me.

I'm sure I'll give them a good home amidst all my other skincare items. ^_^ However, that is out of the question. I'm told to change and let them know if I'm ready to begin my facial treatment. Being left alone in a room, I took lots of pictures.

Well, I was really excited to have the room all to myself, really. They also provide a strawberry-infused-tea (at least, that's what I tasted) on the side table.

The facial treatment session took around 45 minutes, give or take. It was a relaxing session of face and shoulder massages, what could be better. I felt so pampered all throughout the session. Soon after the it ended, my face felt clean and fresh.

This gave my face a dewy finish, but not too over the top. ♥♥♥

When I look in the mirror, it looked even better than it felt. It looked glowy (but not over the  top glowy that it looked oily) and brighter! I think it was the treatment essence that made it look brighter and clearer. Psst.. I spend more or less 3 minutes touching my face after that session, lol. I know I'm not supposed to, but I can't resist! It felt so smooth, soft, plump and bouncy. I won't mind if anyone were to look at my face from 20 cm. ^_^

I forgot to take the before picture, so it's a little blurry, forgive me. The top two picture is before the facial treatment, the lower two is after the treatment. I know you can't compare the two because the top pictures are blurry, but the after looks brighter, clearer, smoother, softer and bouncier.

"My face feels like a marshmallow!!" - Stella Lee after facial treatment with SK-II 

I didn't even bother to apply makeup over that because I wanted to preserve the bounciness and glowing skin appearance. Or maybe I'm just lazy to apply makeup that day, lol.

Anyway, the event continued with a fashion show by three models, each carrying the new products from SK-II. They're so tall and slender and thin and had clear skin. That's just not fair, is it? Well, on the far right picture above is Mr. Sugimartono giving beauty tips for clear skin and flawless face. His tips are taking good care of your skin, hence there will be no need to pile on heavy makeup. Simple, yet effective, I like it.

Right before the end of the event, they draw a name from a glass bowl for a free makeup and Carnellin was the lucky one. She's already so beautiful and flawless, to begin with, anyway. So, before we all go home, group photos are taken since it is one of the most important things to do.

Each of us received a goody bag from SK-II and a healthy meal (yum!). I opened the goody bag at home and was in disbelief as they gave the whitening spots concentrate. I'll be sure to use it and report back to you guys what I think about it. All in all, thank you SK-II for inviting me to the new products launch. I had a great day of pampering and relaxation. Also, I liked the cellumination essence! It is lightweight, not sticky and gives a beautiful glow to my face.
Just click to enlarge it~
I'm happy because I get to meet the faces behind the blogs and they're all great, friendly individuals with their own personalities. Some are cute, physically cute (you know who you are), sweet (*cough* one of the lovely sisters *cough*), funny, and just great companionship. I was really glad to have met you, fellow bloggers.

Carnellin was having  a make over in the next room, but check out her blog too if you're really interested in skin care. She is, as I've always said, the Queen of Skin Care. As always, I'll see you in my next post.
In the car after the facial. It looks really radiant! ♥
Thank you, SK-II!
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  1. nice to meet you! hope to see you again soon ya! ;)

  2. ARGHHHHH please no HQ pictures i was really in a bad condition LOL no make up too! wtf!
    nice to meet you too!

    please look forward for another event! <3

  3. Xiao, thank you..
    Hanna, it was really nice meeting you~ Nanti ketemu lagi yaaa~
    Stella, those pics are not HQ la~ ^____^ It was nice meeting you.. See you soon~

  4. You lucky girl!!! I'd love to go to an SK-II event. The pampering session sounds awesome as well as the goodie bag! I've tried the face mask from them once and it was the best mask I've ever used - I remember it leaving my skin really glowing and plump. Unfortunately, they were too expensive for me to re-purchase but I think they are totally worth it!

  5. My Lovely Sister, nanti ketemu lagi yah, tp lengkap.. ^^
    Suki, so far I like the product. You'll have to wait for the review~ ^_^

  6. ^_______^ akhirnya ketemu phanieee setelah sekian lamaa... *komennya telat bangetttt*

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  8. nice to meet you phanieeeee ^____^