Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Skincare Items I Can't Live Without

Greetings, lovelies. Let's take a break from reviewing products, shall we? After a lot of thought, I've compiled five/three items in my skincare routine that I can't live without. Basically, it is a list of things that I L♥VE so much that I NEED to have it in my life. A bit over the top, but it's true. 


One of the most important step in skincare is a clean face for the products to sink into. Removing dirt and grime is very important because it has the potential to clog the pores and result in acne. Moreover, I can't stand the thought of applying night cream on an unwashed face. Ewh. So, lovelies, please remember to wash your face day and night, 'kay? 


There is nothing in the world that can separate me and sunscreen. Not even cloudy or rainy days. I still wear sunscreen during the daytime, be it rain or shine. I strongly believe that the sun is the number one culprit of aging our skin, so away with you, evil sun! I'll take my Vitamin D in capsule form, lol. 


I discovered this product two years ago, a few months after my uni graduation. Ever since then, I haven't stopped using this because it controls my break outs and constantly 'renew' my skin. Well, technically, it's more like increasing my skin cell's turnover rate, hence 'forcing' the dead skin cells to get off my face. Am I making it clear to you? 

Additional Items
These beauty items I use occasionally, so they are not the essentials for my skincare routine. Some of you might use these on a daily basis and that is alright. Keep in mind that everyone has different skincare routines.


I use them sometimes when I wanted to have that 'refreshed' feeling after cleansing my face. Not every time after I cleansed my face. 

Scrubs (Physical Exfoliators)

Silicone scrubs or microbeads scrubs are not used everyday in my skincare routine. I feel that the retinoic acid has already done enough exfoliating (chemically), so I just used a physical exfoliator when my skin gets flaky. Apart from that, I don't really use them often. 

Well, I hope this post has been a little helpful and entertaining. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts and thanks for reading~ ^_^
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  1. olay ada cleansernya juga yaaa? aaah mesti beli nih :O baru tau aku hehe. makasih ya

  2. wonder pore toner bagus ya phanie?

  3. wahaha koleksi suncreennya bayak yah~
    sama kaya Nila, jadi tertarik juga nih sama cleanser olay nya hehe kebetulan lagi mau coba-coba cleanser lain biar gak ketergantungan :)

  4. Nila, sama2. Semoga cocok ama cleansernya Olay yah~ ^_^
    Dilla, ayo2 dicoba.. sapa tau cocok ^_^

  5. where do you get your retinoic acid from?

  6. boleh tau sunscreen buat body andalanmu apa? lagi cari nih ^^ Thanks before

    1. Biasanya aku pake Vaseline Healthy White SPF 22 ama Banana Boat yg spray ^_^

    2. Biasanya aku pake Vaseline Healthy White SPF 22 ama Banana Boat yg spray ^_^

  7. banana boat dipake lengket ya, kalo spray apa jauh lebih ga lengket? mmm tadi liat neutrogena keanya bagus dan spf tinggi, tp mahal haha. dan aku ga tau itu buat body bisa ga. ok aku google ah rekomendasimu. danke!

  8. Great post! The Scrub looks fantastic!

  9. sun play nya merk ap tu ka? belinya dimana? thx :)

  10. Sunplay itu merknya, beli di Singapura waktu itu. ∩__∩