Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF25/PA ++

I'm sorry for the sudden absence on my blog. I swear I don't know what to write. Every time I get in front of the PC, I blanked as if there's nothing on my mind. However, today, it's been a bit better and I can think of things I wanted to post. 

Let's start off the month of March with a review from one of the cutest brand design from Korea, Lioele cosmetics. I've heard about this brand a few years ago and had been looking into it because of the logo and the packaging. Today, I'm going to review one of their prettiest BB cream, packaging-wise.

Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB

As a BB cream with double function of makeup base and BB cream, it's effective for skin tone correction and coverage. It's a new type of BB cream which not only protecting skin with vitamins but expressing more natural skin tone by changing capsule color right after application. It gives you feeling of moisturized and matte finish. 

It suggests to spread a thin layer on the face and smooth it in an outward motion. It doesn't say what tools to use when applying the BB cream. I've tried applying it with both a flat top brush and my fingers. 

Availability: Lioele counters or online
Price: starts at Rp 165,000
Size: 30 ml

As with all Lioele product, this one has a beautiful, girly design on the box. The light purple box with the always-cute Cinderella cart logo is just a feast to the eyes. Eye candy, if you will. 

Inside is even cuter and girly. Keeping up with the purple color theme, the bottle is a darker purple than the box, but still maintaining its elegance. What's even better is the pump dispenser at the end. I love pumps, if you haven't noticed already ^_^ /~ 

Now for the product itself, the BB cream. When I pumped it on the back of my hand, it is a white-slightly-purple-tinted cream that changes to a beige-ish color as I smooth it out on my skin. So far, I haven't had any problems blending it onto my face, either with a brush or fingers.

I used a small amount of BB cream on my face because the color of the cream kinda scared me. I'm scared I might end up with a white cast on my face. However, I was surprised to see that it creates an even skin tone, less redness, brighter face and fresher looking face.

I used a pea-sized amount of BB cream for my whole face and it ended up looking natural, as if I didn't wear any face makeup. I like the lightweight texture and it feels like I just put on a second layer of flawless skin. It didn't have that caked-on makeup feeling.

Also, this BB cream has the most relaxing scents I've ever encountered. According to my library of scents, which sucked, it is a combination between floral, herbal and that sunblock-smell. Confused? So am I. ~_~"

The finish, you ask? Well, it has a satin finish, in between dewy and matte. On my face, it feels matte, but looks semi-matte, which is a finish I like. I used to like matte finishes, but now I lean towards a semi-matte because I look a little glowy and healthy.

Zoom in closer to my ridiculously large pores. It is slightly concealed, giving a smoother look to my face. However, it doesn't do miracles to cover larger pores on my nose. Just click on the picture to view in a larger size.

Despite the great praises I have, it is STILL a BB cream, which means the staying power isn't as wonderful and long as a foundation. In terms of the packaging, I feel that the cap on top that protects the pump is not very secure because it pops up easily, even without energy.

Overall, this is one of the many BB creams that I've fallen in love with. The BB cream has a lightweight feeling  and looks really natural on my face. The scent is one of the things I look forward to when applying this BB cream. It gives a natural, semi-matte finish to my face, resulting in an even skin tone, without a hint of redness on my cheeks. 
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  1. itu nanti warna purplish nya langsung menyesuaikan sama wrn kulit ya? :D keren ^^
    buat kulit agak gelap mestinya bisa dong?

    1. kalo menurutku sih ga nyesuaiin ke warna kulitnya, cuman dia berubah aja dari warna putih-ungu jadi agak cokelat beige.. So, tergantung warna gelapnya juga sih, kalo gelap banget, I don' think it'll work. CMIIW, though. ^_^

  2. warna dasarnya pertama2 putih ya? mirip sama BB creamnya Luview..sempat khawatir kalau bakalan terlalu putih he5.
    coveragenya bagus ya say.. keliatan nutup pori2 dan wajahmu jadi lebih putih gitu..oil controlnya gimana?

  3. Shasha: pertamanya warna putih keunguan, tapi ada bintik2 coklatnya. Nanti pas udah diblend ke muka, langsung berubah jadi beige. Oil controlnya di aq sih standard, kira2 2 jam aq minyakan. Tapi, yah, kulitku emang akhir ini oily soalnya skip vitacid pas malem :9 hehehe

  4. Kaya nya lagi populer yah si dollish veil vita bb ini, itu nge-cover pores keliatannya oke banget ya? Penasaran >.<

  5. @yuri: Lately, lagi demen ama Lioele yang ini ama Skinfood Apple Cinnamon Tea.. I agree on the too many BB creams to try..

    @Dina: Pori2ku lumayan ketutup yang di pipi, tapi yang di hidung sih kurang nutup. tapi yah, emang gedean yang di hidung sih.. ^_^

  6. that's really good on you ^^
    maybe i'll purchase it later...
    thanks for review phanie, it really helps me to choose which make up product i should buy :D
    btw, did you ever try precious mineral bb cream bright fit? o.o #OOT
    i really need that bb cream review >.<

  7. Wanda: Your welcome, glad to help. I haven't got around to try the BB Cream Bright Fit, maybe later ^_^

  8. Hello! I just came across your site from Google and read your review and noticed in your pictures you wear glasses. I wear glasses too and I've always had the issue with my bb cream/makeup streaking or rubbing off in the nose bridge area where the nose pads on my glasses slide. I always end up wearing "long wearing" non-transferable makeup because of that but that kind of make up feels too yucky and heavy. I was just wondering, do you encounter any of those issues with this bb cream?

  9. Nice review! I really love the girly packaging from Lioele!

  10. Eri, so far, I haven't had any issues with this BB cream because I usually set the bridge of my nose with a powder and blotting them if it gets oily.

    Diana, thank you. They are very sweet and feminine indeed~ ^_^