Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makeup Habits

Hi there, ladies~ While waiting for the items to reach their certain deadlines to be eligible for my reviews, I would like to share a few makeup application habits I've developed over the years. I know this may be a boring post, but I hope this will entertain you in the least whilst waiting for a review post. Also, the pictures might be a little different than usual, that's just because I'm bored, so I got around to editing them more than usual, lol. The products showed below are the usual product I used. 


I always apply a moisturizer before my makeup regimen. In the daytime, I use a sunscreen and a regular non SPF moisturizer for night time events. I feel that my foundation or BB cream blends more seamlessly on my face compared to a non-moisturized face. 

Prime Time!

A few minutes after my moisturizer has been absorbed, I went ahead and applied a primer or a makeup base. This step helps prep my face further as it creates a smooth surface for the foundation/BB cream to 'stick' on to. 

Down, Down, Down~

I've developed a habit of stippling and blending my foundation/BB cream when I apply it on my face. First, I stipple all over and blend with light downward motions. I learned that blending the foundation downwards will create a more flawless effect because it 'tames' the small hairs on the face, so the face appears smoother.

Blending Has Never Been Easier

I used to blend my concealer with my fingers or a sponge, but now I use the eyeshadow blending brush. I first heard of this method from pixiwoo, tried it and didn't regret it. The finish looks more natural compared to using my fingers. 

Invisible Power Powder

Well, technically, it's not a powder to make your face invisible, just a translucent powder. I would apply this with a powder puff and brush off the excess with a fluffy powder brush or a kabuki brush. This method will ensure the coverage of the concealer I've previously applied and make sure that it is set, not going anywhere.

Go Grey

When it comes to brow, I choose a grey shade instead of a black or a brown. I dislike black on my eyebrows because it makes my face looks harsh and brown just doesn't match the color of my hair. Grey, on the other hand, fits in perfectly, creating a softer and more natural looking eyebrows.

Pucker Up!

Since I don't do much with my eye makeup, aside from mascara, I like to apply semi-bright colors on my lips. I like anything that is a bit bright so it brightens my face and makes it look fresher.

In short, my makeup has always involved mainly on face products and little to no eye makeup. What are your makeup habits? ^_^
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  1. Hahaha editannya bikin ngakak :D
    malah penasaran sama MUFE nih ^^

  2. ya ampuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn..imuuuuuut bangeeeeeeeeeeeettttt~~~~
    bangeeeeeet...edit nya gimanaaa tuh phanieee..
    lucuu aku sukaaa foto2 nya..nyahahahaha

  3. @Vanda: MUFE yang primer apa foundienya? Dua2nya smooth, beibeh... hehehehe...

    @Sev: edit pake photoscape saja.. kan kamu pake photoscape juga toh? ^_^

  4. Steph, aku pertama malah baca komik-komiknya dulu. Baru setelah itu baca post-nya. Hahahahaa...
    Eh, kamu pakai Marck's Venus? Nggak oxi kah? Di aku oxi gila2an --"

  5. editannya lucu banget steph :)
    makeup habitsku hampir sama kayak kamu, cuman ketambahan pasang eyelids tapes, eyeliner dan mascara :p

  6. wah boleh dicoba tuh metode apply concealer pake blending brush nya :D
    aku juga lagi demen apply bb cream pake stipple brush & masih nunggu moment tepat buat purchase F80 >_<
    dan sama kaya yang lain.. editannya lucu! :D

  7. @Sekar: Waduh, oxi yah? Selama ini di aku sih biasa aja yah.. Besok ku perhatiin lagi deh..

    @Sha: Eyeliner kadang semuanya smudge di mata kananku, asal kuar airmata, ilang dah semua makeup mata T____T paling pake mascara kalo bwt sehari2, kalo ke pesta baru full on ^_^

  8. Nggak nahan liat ekspresi setiap botol kosmetiknya... HAHAHA!
    Makasih buat tambahan inspirasinya, ya, Phanie. :D

  9. hihihi.. nice job!! ^^
    sekalian dijelasin juga dong nama2 produknya apa sai.. klo perlu di attach link nya biar lgs bs liat review2nya ;)
    (klo udh ada reviewnya)

    d^____^b two thumbs uP!

  10. haha ini lebi menarik ketimbang baca komik! good job, stef! :)

  11. Stephani
    HUAAA!! pengen dua-duanya, penasaran sama MUFE HD sih emang selama ini. hehehe

  12. omigosh, super cute *faint*
    Thanks for sharing btw ^^

  13. Omo..cute banget, kreatif deh. Syuukaaa, make up harian aku juga minimalis, hampir sama kaya gitu.

  14. Omg so cuteeee xD XD recently I've download a application in android which can make a cute bubble words and expression too XD XD

  15. wow I love how u edit all those pic! it's funny! <3 <3

  16. @all: Thank you.. Nanti dilist deh produknya kalo sempet ^_^

  17. Lol, whatta a cute post! Love the doey-eyed lip butter ;)