Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eyeshadow Haul (a small one!)

I rarely buy eyeshadows, but if I do, I tend to choose natural, everyday colors. I don't go dramatic like greens, reds, neons, etc. So, a few days ago, I saw Maybelline's 24 hour Color Tattoo being sold on one of the online stores on Facebook. Also, I saw the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in stock. I bought one from Maybelline and two from L'oreal. 

The first is from Maybelline in the shade "Tough As Taupe". This shade has been talked about in many videos on Youtube, raving about this specific shade, being the only matte from the whole collection. My camera didn't pick up the brown notes on the shade, it should be a combination between brown and grey. At least to my eyes it looks that way. ^_^

L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows are next. I choose the shade "Eternal Sunshine" and "Amber Rush" because they look work-friendly and more natural. 

You can see the color on the bottom of the pan, very clearly. 

Once I open the eyeshadow pan, there is a plastic to keep the eyeshadow from drying out, I guess. It has the instructions not to discard the platic "presser". 

Removing the 'presser', I can see the gorgeous, bright, vivid colors of the eyeshadow. 

The swatches on a piece of paper since it looked better than swatched on my arms. 

That is it for my eyeshadow haul, hope it helps you in picking out the colors. Enjoy~
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  1. Tough as taupe nya maybelline color tatto populer banget yah, dimana2 pada ngomongin itu.

  2. @Dina: Mungkin karena finishnya yang matte kali ya~ Soalnya jarang ada cream eyeshadow yang drugstore, finishnya matte.. hehehe.. ^_^

  3. wah sama phanie.. aku juga jarang banget pake eyeshadow, secara ga bakal keliatan di mataku >_<
    btw beli si color tatoo dimana say? pingin nyobain juga yang tough as taupe..

  4. wah I've been looking for this for some time. all youtube guru had been raving about these product since it came out. sayangnya di indo lama bgt keluarnyaa. kalo bole tau, beli dimana? hehe.. love your review btw! :)

  5. @Sha & Felicia : belinya di Keyzee Cosmetic di FB.. ^_^ Thanks, girls~

  6. warnanya lucu banget banget phan~~ aku pengen deh liat smua make up koleksi mu, pasti banyaakkkkk *w*