Saturday, March 31, 2012

Phanie's Prized Products: March 2012 Edition

March is almost over, lovelies. You know what that means? Another monthly favorites post from yours truly, as always. This month has been an exciting month in the makeup world. I hauled a few makeup items earlier this month, which turns out to be favorites.

The first one is a duo from Makeup Forever, primer and foundation. These are my top favorites this month. I've already done a review on the Primer and the Foundation, just click on the words for more info. 

The Revlon Photo Ready Concealer is one of my March favorites because of the texture and coverage. Also, this concealer is easily blended with fingers, makeup sponges and even blending brushes.

As for BB Creams (you know I love them), this month the favorite goes to Lioele Dollish Veil Vita. I like the packaging and the brightening effect after using it.

I'm sure this product is quite or VERY familiar to you. It is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti and Berry Smoothie. I tend to switch between these two for daily use. I use Tutti Frutti when I wanted a bright and fun lip color. Berry Smoothie is applied when I just need a natural looking lips. 

To set my foundation or BB cream, I am currently liking the Venus Marcks loose powder. I use the 01 Invisible shade.

If I need to re-touch my makeup, I like using a compact powder because it is mess-free. Lately, I've been enjoying the Borjois Mineral Powder in the shade 02 Vanille. The scent is sweet and calming.

I don't have any skincare favorites for this month as my skincare routine stayed the same all throughout the month. However, the same can't be said for next month's favorites, so make sure you follow my blog to know more. Thank you for reading and I'll see you in my next post~
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: A'kin Lavender, Geranium and Jojoba Hand Nail and Cuticle Creme

Hello, lovelies. Remember my Bellabox post a couple of days ago? I've been trying out those samples and wanted to update you on the hand cream from A'kin. I've never heard of this brand before and decided to do a little background search on it. 

A'kin was created by The Purist Company, focusing mainly on skin care, body care and hair care, using the best botanical ingredients. Their products are free from parabens and sulphates, without being tested on animals. In other words, their products are labelled as vegan, as it doesn't contain any animal ingredients. 

A'kin Lavender, Geranium and Jojoba Hand Nail and Cuticle Creme 

Discover soft, supple hands with the help of Akin Lavender Geranium & Jojoba Hand Nail & Cuticle Creme. Akin’s Lavender hand cream is enriched with the concentrated nature of Vitamins E and B5, combined with Shea butter and Jojoba oil, to moisturiser hands and cuticles. Akin’s natural hand cream will leave your hands feeling soft, supple and intensively hydrated. Leaving no oily residue, Akin’s natural hand cream is ideal to use throughout the day. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Certified Organic Lavender Oil
  • Certified Organic Shea Butter
  • Australian cold pressed Macadamia Oil
  • Australian Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E and B5

Availability: Online (Lovelula)
Price: Rp 174,866 (excuding shipping)
Size: 30ml (travel size) and 75ml (full size)

The size that I'm currently trying out is the 30 ml travel size from my Bellabox. At first sight, I immediately like the compact, travel-friendly size of the hand cream. It fits into my makeup bag without any problems whatsoever. 

The hand cream has a thick texture, but absorbs rapidly into the skin. My hands feels moisturized and soft, without any of the greasy feeling that typical hand creams have. For those who love lavender, this hand cream is all about lavender. It soothing and calming to my senses every time I apply this hand cream. 

Overall, I enjoyed using this hand cream after washing my hands. It doesn't feel greasy afterwards and the smell calms me. I only wish that I can easily buy this at counters instead of online, but that option doesn't bother me that much in the first place, anyway. 
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Continuing my review on the Makeup Forever brand, here is the foundation that I'm currently using. I have been holding back on buying this foundation for the longest time. So, I saved up some money, went to the counter and finally bought it.

Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation 
Invisible Cover Foundation (Shade #118 Flesh)

Availability: Makeup Forever Counters
Price: Rp 450,000
Size: 30 ml

The box is the same as the HD primer, all black and elegant. The foundation has the same pump dispenser as the primer. The bottle is a clear plastic container with a black cap on top.

My shade is #118 Flesh, which in the description states 'for light skin with beige undertones'. the makeup artist picked the shade for me and it matched my skin tone. 

I use a slightly wet sponge to stipple and blend the foundation on my face. It felt light as a feather, without any clinging sensation. I feel as if I wasn't wearing any foundation on my face. 

The redness on my face is neutralized and my skin tone looks even. It also succeeded in minimizing the look of my sun spot on my left cheek. It is not fully hidden, but slightly reduced in appearance. This foundation provides medium coverage that you can build layer by layer. However, I do feel that on applying the third layer, it looks cakey on my face. So far, I didn't have any bad reactions to this foundation. 

Overall, I really like this foundation, especially the lightweight feeling and natural look it produces. The pump dispenser is also a plus for me. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer

Since I'm talking about concealer from my previous post, I thought that I'll just continue the concealer review marathon. In this post, I'm going to be talking about Maybelline's concealer.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
(Shade: Medium Sand)

Availability: Maybelline counters in Jakarta
Price: Rp 35,000

The concealer didn't come in a box or any other packaging. It is a tube with a lipgloss-like applicator. The packaging may look unhygienic, but I usually dab a little amount on the back of my hand ( already cleaned, of course!) and continue to apply it on my face with either a blending brush or a damp sponge. Depending on my mood that day, lol. 

I usually use this for my blemishes and sun spots because the SPF helps to prevent those spots from darkening. It's easily blended because it has a slightly runny texture. This concealer offers quite a remarkable coverage, ranging around medium, able to cover my acne scars slightly. It's also great in erasing the redness I find around my nose and mouth area.

Overall, I prefer this concealer over my other when I want more coverage, but still look natural. I would also use this when I go out in the day because it has sun protection and that is always a good factor to consider. 
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Hello, lovelies. Concealer is a great invention to temporarily 'erase' blemishes, sun spots, fine lines and dark under eye circles. 

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer 

Availability: Revlon counters
Price: Rp 63,000 (I think..)
Size: 3.2 gram

The concealer didn't come with a box, it just came with a lipstick-like packaging. Twist the end and the product comes out, just like a regular lipstick. I kinda hated the packaging, but I got over it, thinking that I can put some on the back of my hand and take what I needed with either my fingers or a makeup sponge.

I got mine in the shade light and it was perfect for my under eye area. 

The texture of the concealer is creamy and can be slightly cakey if applied too much. I use a slightly damp makeup sponge to blend the concealer seamlessly onto my face. I prefer this method because the damp sponge gives a more natural finish and a less cakey appearance. I usually use my fingers if I'm in a hurry. Since this is a creamy concealer, it doesn't exaggerate the dry patches on my face, if any. This concealer also needs to be set with a powder to last longer, hence preventing it from melting and fading off my face. 

The concealer has in between sheer and medium coverage. It's great to even out redness around the nose and mouth area, but didn't really do a great job in 'hiding' my acne scars.This concealer also has SPF 20, which is kind off confusing. Good thing is that it offers protection from the sun, but how can it be good for taking pictures when products with SPF are known for their white cast in pictures? Oh well, as long as it offers sun protection, I can't complain much about it. 

Overall, I would say that this is a good stick concealer for those having dry skin because it has a creamy texture. It's also great to be using it for daytime because you know that you're getting the protection you need from the sun. I won't be repurchasing this product because I thought it was a so so concealer.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty Box: Bellabox March

Hello, lovelies. Today, I am going to blog about one of the many subscription beauty boxes out there in the market right now. This particular one is available in Singapore and Australia (CMIIW) called Bellabox. It is a subscription service in which you pay SGD $15.00 each month to get beauty products in deluxe samples. Each month will have a theme and for this month it is all about skincare and how to achieve that healthy glow. 

This is my first beauty box, so I will take you through the unboxing process. The hot pink box came in the mail (technically, my brother's mailbox) with a Bellabox inscribed on the sides. 

Once that is opened, there is another box that is light pink colored with the Bellabox logo. The light pink box looks sweet and chic, I just love the sight of it.

All of the products are wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and tied with a bow. It's a little ruined because I already told my brother to open them for immigration purposes. 

Inside the light pink box are four deluxe samples and one sample pot of cream. Along with the brochures and leaflets that has more descriptions of each product. 

The philosophy behind the brand is that healthy skin is the number one priority. A hydrating spritz that can be used throughout the day to help hydrate skin. 
250ml for $72 available at selected Salons visit www.

This pot of gold contains pure gold flakes that increases skin firmness, skin renewals and illuminates the skin. Oil free and plant based ingredients will restore that glow.
50 gram for $268 available exclusively from

A beauty elixir from the vines of France. A highly concentrated oil-free serum that improves the appearance of dark spots, promotes even skintone, and boosts radiance.
30 ml for $100 available at Sephora

Uniquely designed for dry and sensitive skin and those with skin conditions. Dermatologically tested, a nourishing body moisturizer that soothers and moisturizes the skin. 
60ml for $11.80, 200ml for $25.90 from

A highly effective natural skincare and natural hair care range from Australia. this all natural hand cream contains lavender, geranium and jojoba for soft hands and strong nails.
75ml for $23.20 available from

I will update you on each product review in the near future, so hope you'll wait for that. Unfortunately, this service is only available for those in Singapore. I know that's disappointing, but who knows we'll have our own local brands creating this concept of a beauty subscription service. Ready to glow?
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Makeup Forever HD Primer

The Whole Armada
Hi there, lovelies~ A few weeks ago, I went to the Makeup Forever counter at Kelapa Gading Mall. I intended on buying their HD foundation that I have been putting off ever since they first launched it in Jakarta. I went to the counter bare faced because I wanted to be exactly, 100% sure of the shade of foundation I bought. The makeup artist is so friendly and helpful in choosing my shade. I've used the primer and foundation for two weeks and now it's time for the review. 

Makeup Forever Professional High Definition Primer Microperfecting Primer

Availability: Makeup Forever counters
Price: Rp 380,000
Size: 30 ml

The primer comes with a black box that is both elegant and simple in its design. It's not as colorful as Japanese or Korean makeup packagings, but it is beautiful in its own way. 

Pump. That is one of my favorite things to be found in a product packaging. It is in a frosted plastic bottle with a black cap. Simplicity at its best. Quite surprised that the bottle is slim, with a height of 14 cm.

I usually use one pump for my whole face before I apply BB cream or foundation. It is a white, slightly runny liquid that smells divine and feels cooling on the face. 

Here are the things I like about the primer. 
♥ After application, my face feels so~ smooth.

♥ This primer is more on the hydrating side because I notice that it didn't exaggerate the dry patches on my face. 
♥ It also created a semi-glowy effect on my face, not oily or greasy. 
♥ The most important part is that it made my foundation stayed a little longer, not all day long. 

Overall, I enjoyed the silkiness and glowy effect of this primer. I am quite interested in trying out their other shades of primer once I finish this one. I'm now eyeing the green shade primer. I guess, I have to save up for that! 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makeup Habits

Hi there, ladies~ While waiting for the items to reach their certain deadlines to be eligible for my reviews, I would like to share a few makeup application habits I've developed over the years. I know this may be a boring post, but I hope this will entertain you in the least whilst waiting for a review post. Also, the pictures might be a little different than usual, that's just because I'm bored, so I got around to editing them more than usual, lol. The products showed below are the usual product I used. 


I always apply a moisturizer before my makeup regimen. In the daytime, I use a sunscreen and a regular non SPF moisturizer for night time events. I feel that my foundation or BB cream blends more seamlessly on my face compared to a non-moisturized face. 

Prime Time!

A few minutes after my moisturizer has been absorbed, I went ahead and applied a primer or a makeup base. This step helps prep my face further as it creates a smooth surface for the foundation/BB cream to 'stick' on to. 

Down, Down, Down~

I've developed a habit of stippling and blending my foundation/BB cream when I apply it on my face. First, I stipple all over and blend with light downward motions. I learned that blending the foundation downwards will create a more flawless effect because it 'tames' the small hairs on the face, so the face appears smoother.

Blending Has Never Been Easier

I used to blend my concealer with my fingers or a sponge, but now I use the eyeshadow blending brush. I first heard of this method from pixiwoo, tried it and didn't regret it. The finish looks more natural compared to using my fingers. 

Invisible Power Powder

Well, technically, it's not a powder to make your face invisible, just a translucent powder. I would apply this with a powder puff and brush off the excess with a fluffy powder brush or a kabuki brush. This method will ensure the coverage of the concealer I've previously applied and make sure that it is set, not going anywhere.

Go Grey

When it comes to brow, I choose a grey shade instead of a black or a brown. I dislike black on my eyebrows because it makes my face looks harsh and brown just doesn't match the color of my hair. Grey, on the other hand, fits in perfectly, creating a softer and more natural looking eyebrows.

Pucker Up!

Since I don't do much with my eye makeup, aside from mascara, I like to apply semi-bright colors on my lips. I like anything that is a bit bright so it brightens my face and makes it look fresher.

In short, my makeup has always involved mainly on face products and little to no eye makeup. What are your makeup habits? ^_^
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