Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Graymelin Magic Cover Matte Pore Primer

Hi, everyone~ I can't stress enough how important a face primer is in makeup, especially if you have oily skin or live a hot, humid weather like my lovely Jakarta. I've tried numerous primers from NYX to Smashbox, low end to high end. Now, I am going to review a primer from Graymelin. This is the first time I've heard this brand. Probably from Korea, I guess. 

Graymelin Magic Cover Matte Pore Primer

It covers pores and fine wrinkles softly, makes your skin smooth. It makes your skin under the good conditions to put on make-up. Also it is double functional product approved by the KFDA with the functions of whitening and anti-wrinkle of arbutin and adenosine. 

1. It has superior convergent function of pores and moisture protective layer maintains your make-up under the first status all day long.
2. It absorbs excessive sebum, prevents from getting oily and make-up helps not to be removed or be holded together.
3. It makes the feeling that is very wet or rough smooth.
4. It contains adenosine, ingredient that improves wrinkles, it is functional cosmetic that functions anti-wrinkle and whitening at the same time.

Price: starts at Rp 147,000
Size: 30 grams

First of all, the packaging is in a tall and sleek squeeze tube with a twist off cap. I personally like the packaging possibly due to the milk chocolate brown color combined with a kinda-retro design on the tube. Measuring at 13 cm, it will fit almost any makeup bag, hence a travel friendly product. 

This is a silicone-based primer, so be warned those who are allergic towards any type of silicone. It also contains salicylic acid, which helps reduce acne while maintaining the longevity of your makeup. It has a slight scent that is a bit like those vitamin E soft gel capsules. I didn't find that to pleasing, but as I blend it on my face, the scent goes away.

This light pink primer blends easily on the skin, however, it does feel silkier than Smashbox's. It does cover the pores, providing a smooth surface for foundation or BB cream application. It is not at all sticky or greasy feeling, in fact, it does as its name claimed, matte look. I usually need a 0.75 cm diameter for my whole face. 

Once applied, I can notice an immediate difference on my T-zone and cheeks. The shiny appearance is slightly dimished, but it still has a sheen on my face, preventing a flat-out matte look. The picture on your left is the before picture and the one on your right is the after. Notice the slight sheen still showing through, making my face a little more alive, but not overly shiny.

Now, for the pores. It didn't conceal the appearance of my pores, as they are still as large as they were before the primer was applied. However, it did gave a smooth canvas before applying my foundation. I find that my foundation works better than without a primer and it can conceal my large pores better. 

The staying power and its ability to mattify my face lasted for a good four to five hours. It does prolong the makeup that I used that day. 

Here is how my face looks like with the primer underneath. I didn't edit my face at all, just putting them together side by side.

Overall, I was quite impressed by this primer as it is able to give a semi matte finish, making me look fresh and not flat. My foundation performed better with this underneath as it provides a smooth layer, avoiding the foundation to sink into fine lines or pores. 


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    1. Thanks, lemme know if you decided to give it a try~ ^^

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    1. Thank you.. Kalo nyoba2, posting linknya di sini reviewnya yaa~ ^_^

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  4. Packagingnya lucu banget ya ^^ Nampaknya bagus! *lagi suka kosmetik korea juga =P

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