Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: DAISO Cleansing Foam

While we're in Singapore, I nagged Mr. G to go to DAISO because I love their products. Once there, I was shocked by the size of the store. It is ridiculously huge compared to the DAISO I used to go to at Mall Artha Gading. We browsed the store and ended up buying a couple of things for us and my brother. 

One of the items I purchased that I am quite excited about is their cleansing foam. I've seen it in numerous blog posts and I finally have the chance to try it. 

DAISO Cleansing Foam

Available at DAISO ION, Singapore. 
Price: SGD $2.00

I brought this face wash on my trip to Singkawang. I just wished the packaging is slightly smaller and not as tall as it is currently. However, it can still fit into a zip lock bag for travelling purposes. 

As for the packaging, it is in a squeeze tube with a twist off cap. I prefer a flip cap because it's easier and more convenient when secure the cap back after using. 

Once I squeezed it out, the product is black to grey kind of color. However, it turns into a white foam when I rubbed my hand together. It didn't have any particular scent that bothers my nose. Also, it didn't stain my face black, just so you know. 

After I cleansed my face with this, I pat it dry with a towel. Immediately, I feel my face soft and smooth, without being overly dry or oily. It's just the right texture. Mr. G also gave it a try and loves it because it's not too drying on his face. Now, he wants to buy 10 more of it. I guess that's all the more reason for me to go to Singapore, lol. 

So far, I didn't experience any redness or acne while using this product. In fact, my face becomes smooth and less oily with frequent use of this product.

Overall, I think this product is worth the money, considering it's only SGD $2.00. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in DAISO Jakarta, so I'll have to buy it from Singapore. I will definitely repurchase if I run out of it. I can see this becoming one of my must-haves beauty items in terms of skin care. 

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  1. This is sounds good!
    I wish Daiso Indonesia have this :(

  2. heu, murah sekalii... SG emang surganya skincare ya... haha...

    1. Murah soalnya belinya di DAISO, coba beli ke Sephora.. wahahah, skin carenya muahal2~

  3. Iyaaaa enak banget pake ini.. ga berasa kering.. ihik sayang belinya susah :(

  4. Replies
    1. I wanted too, but they're sold out when I was there T___T I will try them once they're back in stock, though~ ^_^

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