Monday, February 27, 2012

Phanie's Prized Products: February 2012 Edition

February is almost over, everyone. I had a great time this month, filled with travelling to places. A bit unusual for me because I'm not a big fan of travelling. Anyway, here are my favorites beauty products for the month of February.

Sunplay Water Kids SPF 60+/PA +++

Available: Not in Jakarta. I got this while I was in Singapore T__T
Price: SGD $12.80 (prices may vary)
Size: 42 ml
I have to admit that I was drawn by its lovely and cute drawings on the bottle. The reason I picked this over the other Sunplay sunscreen is because of the absence of alcohol in it. It also has a high SPF of 60+ and PA +++. Once applied, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy, but it doesn't have a good oil control. It does feel lightweight and hasn't given me any acne.

Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer

I've already done a review of this product, which you can check out HERE. In short, I love the sheer and lightweight feeling on my face for everyday use. 

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Available: At Shu Uemura counters
Price: SGD $19.30 (I bought mine at Changi Duty Free)
I finally caved and bought this a while back. It curls my eyelashes effortlessly, which is perfect to be used in the morning where I rush a lot. The shape of the curler fits my eyes, so it doesn't pinch the corners of my eyelids.

Available: Revlon counters
Price: Rp 75,000
I've already done a review and swatch of this product HERE. In short, it is a moisturizing hybrid between lip balm and a lipstick.
LUSH Porridge Soap

Available: LUSH counters or online
Price: SGD $9.90/100 g
I've already reviewed this as well, which you can check out HERE. In short, it's good for people with dry and sensitive skin type because it is a gentle exfoliator.

Available: Sigma Beauty
Price: USD $16.00
I was sent this product from Sigma Beauty, but in all honesty, I love this brush. Applying foundation is easier with this, rather than with fingers like I usually do. It leaves a flawless, streak-free finish. I'm thinking of buying a new one as a backup, in case anything bad happens to this one *knock on wood*. I like how dense the bristles are, so I know I won't be applying foundation with a flimsy brush. Also, it is very soft! ^_^

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

Available: Most drugstores in Singapore, not in Jakarta T_____T
Price: SGD $10.00 (I forgot the price, but it was around that range)
I know that this is just an ordinary makeup removing wipes, but it's different than the one I used. This has an exfoliating side, which has smal bumps on the surface. I like using the exfoliating part because I feel it removes my makeup a lot better than a usual cleansing wipes. However, that is just my personal opinion. ^_^

DAISO Face Wash

I've already done a review of this product, which you can check out HERE. It is an affordable face wash that cleanses and reduces excess oil, without making my face feeling tight or overly dry.

Just Miss Eyeshadow Palette

Available: Strawberry, Naughty, and those kinds of stores
Price: Rp 21,000 (I forgot the exact price)
When it comes to eyeshadow, I am a total beginner. I don't like using eyeshadows because it won't show up on my eyes unless I apply it really high. So, I'm not usually splurging on high end eyeshadows because it won't be used up anyway. I got this palette when I was in Pontianak. I don't use every single one of them, but I only use one color all over my lid. It looks natural and stays put, if I use a primer and not rub my eyes (which I usually do often). 

That is all of my favorite beauty products this month. It sure has been a month of new discoveries and fun. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'll see you in the next post. ^_^
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  1. Didn't get the SPF150PA+++ sunblock? hehe..

  2. Replies
    1. Yang ku tau sih aman karena bahannya juga ga ada yang bikin iritas (kecuali ada yang alergi sama mineral oil, petrolatum, talc ato silikon).. Di BPOM juga mereka sudah terdaftar ^^
      Produk : JUST MISS Eye Shadow - Blusher 02 ES 215
      Nomor registrasi : CL 0907603852
      Bentuk Sediaan : Padat, Aneka warna
      Kemasan : Kotak - dos, 11 g
      Klasifikasi: Kosmetika:: Sediaan rias wajah :: Make-up kit

      CMIIW, though ^_^

    2. Aku sering lirik-lirik di Strawberry atau Naughty gitu. Warna eyeshadownya banyak dan murah-murah. Tergoda tapi nggak yakin juga aman :)
      Tapi kalau ada yang bilang aman, aku jadi tertarik untuk menyelidiki (menyelidiki?) lebih jauh & kemudian nyobain ^^'
      Tengkyuh, Steph :)

    3. oke deh, selamat menyelidiki Just Miss~ Kalo ragu, coba dicek aja dl ke BPOM kalo misalnya ingredients semua ok.. ^_^

  3. kenapa akhir2 ini banyak yg punya kuas sigma >.< aku jadi pengen. Oia, pelentik bulu mata shu uemura itu bagus ya??? ^^

    1. Shu bagus eyelash curlernya~! Jadi obsesiku tahun ini kayanya.. tapi yah cocok2an ama bentuk mata sih ya..

    2. pasti mahal ya ^0^. Sis beli kuas sigmanya di mana?? ak pengen coba kabuki brush ^0^