Friday, February 24, 2012

Nichijou: Visiting Singkawang

Last week, I went to Singkawang to visit Mr. G during his internship there. I went to Pontianak first using a plane, followed by a three hour car ride to Singkawang. It may have sounded very long and laborious, but it was fun and safe. The driver was very cautious in making his turns, hence I felt safe during the car ride.  *Just click on the pics to enlarge them*
One of the main reasons I went there is to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We have been going out for 8 years and are very grateful each and every second of it. So, I decided to spend it with him over at Singkawang. ^_^
We went to the city using a rental car because it's quite far to reach the city by walking. Once there, I saw many 'klenteng's located near each other. I think there were 4 that I spotted in the city. 
By nightfall, it looked really beautiful and enchanted, like something from the movies. The walls are lined with LED lights, all brightly lit up in red. The lanterns from the Chinese new year is still hanging and brightly shining. 
In the afternoon, we went to eat noodles for lunch at Bakmie Raos. I ordered the beef balck pepper hot plate noodles, while Mr. G got the meatball soup. The hot plate black pepper was so delicious, I love it~ You can really taste the black pepper and the beef portion is generous as well.
Mr. G took me to have dinner at Kampung Batu, which is not that far away from where I'm staying. It is definitely within walking distance, but the path there is a bit steep and uphill, so Mr. G suggested that we use a car. I didn't take a picture of the food because it was dark and the lighting was bad, so I thought I'd skip it. 
The place kinda reminds me of Puncak, probably because of the weather, heights and city view. We ordered grilled chicken, fried calamari, and vegetables. It was really nice and romantic to have a quiet dinner in a restaurant near a mountain. 
We didn't go to the beach or the mountain or any of those tourism destination. This is because we didn't have a car or any transportation whatsoever and Mr. G was busy. I didn't mind that, though. As long as I get to spend more time with Mr. G, that's all that matters. ^_^
Anyway, when he had time, we went to Pontianak to stock up on a few things that he needed around his room. We bought a plastic cupboard, a small coffee table, and other household items. 
During our trip to Pontianak, I just captured some of the mountain views, but other than that it's just a regular road. ^_^

I spend 5 days there with Mr. G and had a great time. I'll definitely come back, probably in 2 months time? Maybe then, I'll get to show you guys the tourism spots at Singkawang. See y'all later~!
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  1. Udah lama ga ke singkawang-ponti-ketapang..haha..
    btw, awet bgt udah 8 tahun aja ^^... Ah, selamat deh pokoknya! :D

    1. wuah, aslinya orang mana, say?? Thank you, semoga bisa awet terus dah~! ^_^

  2. aww happy anniv ya :)
    Pemandangannya bagus yaa.. aku nggak pernah kesana >_<

    1. Thank you.. Masih banyak lahan2 yang kosong, jadi pemandangan masih hijau dan asri.. ^_^