Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nichijou: Holiday at Sweet Singapore

Around two weeks ago, Mr. G and I went on a short holiday to Singapore. The reason behind it is for relaxation because we didn't get a chance to go for a holiday last Christmas. Also, Mr. G is going for his studies at Singkawang for a year, so we thought we'll have fun first before reality hits hard, lol.

We chose Singapore because I can save by staying at my brother's place, so we won't have to pay for accommodation during our stay there. We got there on January 31st with Tiger Airways. The tickets are so cheap!! It was US$ 22.00 per person~ Anyway, here are the pictures of our trip. Hope you enjoy~
We're the second in line~ Yeay~
When we landed in Singapore, it was sunny without any clouds. However, as we arrived at my brother's apartment, it was raining cats and dogs. There were dark clouds everywhere and Mr. G wanted a mellow photo, so I told him to sit near the window, looking outside. There you have it. ^_^
After the rain has calmed down, we went to a supermarket near the apartment called Fair Price's Finest. I need to buy my beauty supplies because I didn't pack mine. I figured it's best to try out the products there. After a long hour, these are the 'damages'.

The view from the apartment at 7 in the morning. Concrete jungle out there. 
My brother took us out to eat at this Japanese restaurant called Santouka. Their speciality is ramen, which is my favorite food in the whole world. We also ordered Gyoza, which is a Japanese style dumpling, fyi.

The weather was really indecisive on the second day. So, we stayed indoors and I cooked sukiyaki. I know it's supposed to be served in a hot pot, but you make due with what you have, I guess.
We went to Sunshine Plaza to buy some stuff for Mr. G's friend and this is what we have for lunch. I lurve udon~ ^___^

Mr. G and I wanted to take a picture with this statue because it is round and chubby like us. Plus, the statue looks cute!
On our second last day, I was craving for (another) Japanese food, so my brother took us to Tonkichi. Their specialty are katsu dishes~ I can already taste the savory, crunchy chicken katsu with the tonkatsu sauce. Yum...

We also went to Orchard Central, which has 11 floors for a mall!! We went to the very top using escalators located on the outer part of the building, so I can see the street down below. I'm not that afraid of heights, but it just send shivers down my spine when I look downwards.

On the very top is a flower garden with a restaurant in the middle. It was so effin' hot that day!!

Before we head back to Jakarta, we ate Carl's Jr for dinner because we'll be leaving on the first plane to Jakarta early in the morning. 

So, that was our adventure in Singapore. It was only a brief, 6 day holiday before Mr. G departs for Singkawang, but it was a very wonderful 6 days~ 
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