Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do It Yourself: Custom Lipstick Palette

Today, I'm feeling bored because I don't feel too good. I think I'm a little sick, but only with mild headaches and occasional sneezes. So, I stayed in my room all day and thought I would do this DIY I learned from MakeUpGeekTV a while back. I wanna share with you the steps to achieving your own custom-made lip palette.

What you'll need:
A medicine storage box (you know, the ones you keep your medicines for daily consumption)
A cutter or bread knife
A candle
A spoon
The lipstick of your choice 

1. Assemble all of your items above so they are within an arms reach. This way you won't waste time getting one thing after another. 

2. Wash the medicine storage box however you want it, as long as it is clean.
3. Light the candle. Carefully, because you don't want to burn yourself. 
4. Cut the lipstick and place it on the spoon.

5. Hold the spoon over the flame about 5 cm, as long as it still has the heat from the candle. 

You can see it slowly melting.

6. Once the lipsticks has melted, pour it into one of the hole in the medicine container.

7. Wait for it to set, place a sticker underneath for easy naming, and you're done~!

I hope you'll try out this DIY lipstick palette. You can use a smaller medicine storage. It can be a little bit messy, but I think it is worth making it. 

I can take this travelling with me, without having to carry a bunch of lipsticks in my makeup bag. Also, I like it this way because I apply lipstick with my finger, as to avoid over coloring my lips. So, what is your favorite lipstick palette? ^_^
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I got the idea from a youtuber, MakeupGeekTV ^^

  2. Wow, keren! :D Jadi pingin nyoba, tapi koleksi lipstik gak ada... :P

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, maybe you'll try it too someday. Lemme know if you do~! ^_^

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  5. yampun phan... aku juga ngepost depoting lipstik, gara2 melted kepanasan... ~~ Ah, tau gini nyoba pake lilin aja deh lebih murah ga pake listrik *pelit

    btw, get well soon ya... (^-^)/

    1. Emang kalo kepanasan tuh menyebalkan amat sangat, lipstiknya jadi brubah bentuk... Buuuu -3-'' Hahaha, yang penting kan dah kedepot lippiesnya, non~ ^_^

  6. pas sendoknya dibakar.. apa jari kita yg dibuat megang sendok ga ikut kepanasan? o.o apalagi tunggu 5 menit..hehe

    1. Ga iktan panas koq, soalnya kan ga nempel sama apinya, ada jarak 5 cm. Manasinnya jg ga sampe 5 mnt, plgan 1-2 mnt. ^_^

  7. baguus idenya, tpi sayang yaa lipstiknya jadi ancur -> liatnya ga tega.

    1. Iya, kalo suka koleksi lipstick, mendingan jangan dijadiin palette gini ^^

  8. Thank you for sharing Phanie! :D I'll definately try this ^^

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you~ Lemme know if you decided to try it.. ^^

  10. Useful information ..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us this useful information. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

  11. Oh, I remember this one! :D

    *hehehe excuse me while I browse through your blogposts~*

    Keknya ini super efektif utk lipstik yg uda 'sekarat' nyawanya uhuhu. Kalo pake lipstik baru ga rela :(