Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Beauty Credit Ecopure BB Sun Base SPF 46/PA ++

As you may already know, I am a tinted moisturizer/BB cream addict. I'm not that into foundation since my skin tend to break out sometimes if I wear them every day. Last week, as I was strolling at the mall, I went to Beauty Credit and found a bb cream/ base that contains sunscreen. Being the addict that I am, I decided to give it a try and bought it. After a week of using it, here is what I think of it. 

Beauty Credit Ecopure Danahan BB Sun Base SPF 46/PA ++

To be added later as soon as I found the box. Sorry about that. ^_^;; I lost the box -_-""

How I Use It

After l use my lotion (toner), I squeeze a pea size amount on the back of my hand and spread it evenly all over my face. 

What I Like About It
  • It is available at the counter (Emporium Pluit Mall)
  • The packaging is sturdy with a twist cap on the bottom
  • There are no irritating ingredients on the top half of the list
  • I didn't detect any strong scents
  • It has a high sun protection
  • It feels lightweight on my face
  • As a base, it gives a satin finish ( in between dewy and matte)
  • The tint reduces the redness on my face
  • It didn't break me out
  • I didn't feel any greasy or sticky feeling after the application
  • It can conceal my small acne scars

What I Hate About It
  • The price starts at Rp 300,000 which is expensive for a sunscreen + base
  • It didn't have a good oil control because I get oily in an hour

Overall, I like the practicality of having a sunscreen and base in one product. The high level of sunscreen makes it appropriate to use during the daytime. The lightweight texture of the sun base makes it enjoyable for everyday wear. 

I would recommend this to :

  • Someone who has normal/dry skin type
  • Someone who likes a satin finish
  • Someone who likes a two-in-one product


  1. Hwaaaa... baru tau ada konter danahan di Emporium... Dsebelah mananya, phanie??

    Jadi inget nyokap pake hyoyonggo... Tapi emang mahal2 produknya menurut kantongku hehehe... -__-'

    btw, aku follow ur blog ya ^^

    1. Ms.Ami, ada di lantai 2 kalo ga salah.. Pokoknya kalo naik escalator dari depannya Fish n Co, dia ada pas di depannya si escalator itu..

      ehehe, thank you dah follow blogku~ ^_^

  2. Oh depan fish n Co? Baru nyadar... :p
    Makasih ya phanie infonya, makasih juga udah follow blog ku ^^
    have a nice day :D

    1. Iya, pokoknya naiknya dari escalator yang depan Fish and Co. Trus, tinggal lurus aja, nanti sebelah kanan ketemu tokonya ^_^

  3. Beauty credit emang aga pricey yah harganya, harga po di chicprincessa aja 215rebu, cuma beda 85rebu ama beli di konter. Padahal biasanya kosmetik2 korea kalo beli online bisa 1/2 harga konter.

    1. Iya, itu yang bikin aq kalap kmrn jadi beli.. hhh, trus skr mo ikutan PO aja lah, kalo ada yang lebih murah, kenapa engga?? ^___^

  4. oohh... baru tau counter beauty credit ada di indo, thx info nya ^^

    1. Sama², ayo ke counternya, sapa tau ada diskon².. *racun*

  5. waah aku juga suka beauty credit, cuman sayang emang mahal2 barangnya. n bener kalo PO juga beda dikit doank sm harga PO nya.ckckck

    1. Sebenernya udah lama ada tu counter, tapi sengaja aq ga masuk soalnya lagi ga diskon. Kmrn itu lagi ada diskon 30% makanya masuk~ ^_^

  6. Hello :)
    Thanks again for a great review!
    I am searching for a bbcream/ bb sun base free from paraben, talc, oil, etc.
    So far this is the one that matches best what I am searching for :)
    Could you please tell me how is the coverage for that bb sun base?
    Thanks for your help!
    Take care :D