Monday, January 9, 2012

Nichijou : Angelic Day at Angel-in-us Coffee

Last weekend, I went to Lotte Mart for the usual weekly grocery shopping. Nothing special, just the usual necessities of everyday life. ^^

After grocery shopping, I looked for a place to sit and wait for Mr. G to finish his tasks. This is my chance to try Angel-in-us Coffee that I heard from Chino-chan. 
Scrumptious cakes
They have a collection of magazines and mugs that's not for sale yet ^^;;
Even the tray has angels ^______^
That's the barista that made my drink. He's goo~d ^_^

The 'counter' is neat with a cute tissue available

As I step inside, I can already see the cute angel mascots on the mugs, trays, etc. The baristas are friendly and polite when they took my order. I ordered a hot Cafe Mocha and my brother got a Chocolate Croissant.
Isn't the mug just the cutest?
The Cafe Mocha is a perfect balance between the coffee and chocolate, making it one of my new favorite drinks. The foam that sits on top of the beverage is fluffy, which is an excellent touch to the beverage. Since I'm not a big fan of coffee, I prefer a hint of sweetness rather than bitterness, so this is the perfect blend for me. 
The door handles are wings-shaped. What could be cuter than that?! ^___^
I absolutely will come back for more coffee or if I just wanted to sit and hang out with friends or relatives. The atmosphere of the cafe is relaxing with many sofas, so almost everyone will definitely get a sofa seat. 

P.S: I can't wait to get their mugs once they're on sale. I think I'll get the one with wings. ^^
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  1. Wow! I really want to try that Angel-in-us coffee, although I'm not fond with coffee, but the picture you shared really looks delicioso! ^^

  2. xD I'm glad that you enjoy the cafe.. It's my fav one right now hehe..

  3. the door handles are cutee.. :)
    They sell the mug with wing on it?? *omg i want it*

  4. is it in the Lottemart MoI?
    I saw it once when I had dinner at the Lotteria :D
    Btw salam kenal.. Sudah beberapa minggu ini jadi silent reader, akhirnya komen juga :P

  5. 1 kata aja..
    Pengen (T_T) mart disini ga asyik, gada korean food court/cafe nya gitu. Polosan aja supermarket biasa.

  6. Kona, try it and blog about it~

    Chino, enak beneeerr, thanks yah recommendationnya.. ^^

    Sha, yep, they are the cutest things ever~

    Felicia, ini yang di Lotte abisnya MOI, yang dulunya Makro. Thanks for reading my blog, comment jg gpp koq, ga digigit ^^

  7. wah lucuuuuu phan, mau ksitu ah kapan2 sama dede, hehe kliatannya yummy :D

  8. Angel In Us already sell the cup...
    so come and enjoy the atmosfer...

    1. Thanks for the info~ I'll be sure to drop by sometime soon.. ^^

  9. Ahahaha ya ampuuun, pantes surroundingnya kok familiar benerrr. Suka maen kesini juga toh ce??? :DD