Thursday, January 5, 2012

Know Your Ingredients : Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Continuing my series of "Know Your Ingredients" in the new year, 2012. This time, it's about an ingredient that is quite often found in most of the skin care items. Let's start.

The reason behind this post is because I bought a body lotion that contains BHT. I heard rumors about it being highly carcinogenic, but until now I haven't found solid evidence that points to that direction.

Butylated Hydroxytoluene
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What It Is 
It's also known as butylhydroxytoluene or BHT. The molecule is lipophilic (fat-soluble) organic compound. [1]

What It's Used For
It is an anti-oxidant that is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuelsrubberpetroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. [1]

BHT is an anti-oxidant, which is used as a preservative to prevent foods or cosmetics from oxidizing, thus getting spoiled. 

Is It Dangerous?
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So far, there are loads of articles in certain websites, without any references or evidence. I checked on the FDA website and they stated that BHT is generally recognized as safe. [2]
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According to a source, BHT is not carcinogenic, but more towards causing allergies, which depends on the tolerance of the individual. 

To sum up, so far, I still haven't found hard evidence that relates BHT and cancer. I know there are a lot of websites that said it causes cancer, but it doesn't really state the reference or source. I'm still going to keep looking, but this is all for now. 

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