Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012~ !

It's official, people. 2012 is here and last night fireworks are everywhere all over the sky. I took a few shots of it, although it looks a bit blurry. Happy new year to all you, lovely readers. Thank you for all of your comments, critics and support for the past year. You have made blogging fun. 
My neighbor's 

Ours when it shoots for the first time

My favorite color combination

Fireworks from Marina Ancol

The last one from our neighbor ^^
I hope you had a great new year and all the best for each and every one of you~ I'll see you soon with more posts of reviews and swatches~
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  1. Awww you get a great shot dear.. xD

  2. happy new year! my cam died when the firework started so i didnt take any T_T

  3. Chino, awh, thanks~ Yours was great as well~ ^_^

    Stella, that's really unfortunate, but I hope you had a good time! ^_^

  4. pake kamera apa say??bagus loh hasil gambarnya

  5. BB, pake Canon EOS 60D, len s 18-50 mm (yang standard) ^^ Makasih.. Tahun baruan dimana kmrn? ^^