Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 New Year's Beauty Resolution

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New year is closely related to almost everyone making their new resolutions of what they want to achieve that year. I'm not usually one to make such resolutions because I find them to forgotten by the second month. ^^;; I remember my last new year's resolution was way back in 2009 or even older than that. So, today, I figured I will make a list of new year resolutions, in the beauty department. 

.: Not Washing My Hair Everyday :.
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I am used to having short hair and that means washing it everyday. Well, at least that's what my grandma taught me. Lately, I've read that washing your hair everyday can result in a greasier scalp, even when it's not washed for a day. So, I HAVE been trying to wash my hair every other day. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. 

.: Applying My Night Cream, Even When I'm Already Sleepy :.
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Recently, I have been having activities that got me home late at night. After I took a shower, I sometimes dozed off before I even apply my night cream. So, my face will go on without any cream, leaving me with a dry, flaky face in the morning. 

.: Religiously Apply Lotion After Shower :.
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This routine has always taken a toll on my skin. I almost ALWAYS forgot to apply lotion to my arms and legs. At some point, my legs were so dry that the skin on it peeled! However, I have been good and gave them some TLC by applying lotion after shower. Although, I sometimes forgot to, but I'll try to remember. 

.: Deep Cleaning My Brushes Once Every Week :.
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I like applying setting powders and blushes with a brush. However, sometimes, I forgot (lazy) to deep clean them every week. I will only use a makeup remover tissues to clean them. This year, I will clean them once a week. ^_^

.: Applying Sunscreen For My Body Before Going Out :.
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I never skipped sunscreen on my face, but I tend to forget applying it on my body (arms and legs). This year, I intend to diligently apply it all over my body before stepping out of the house. 

That is all of the new year's beauty resolution I could think of. If I have more, I will definitely add it to this list, but for now, I hope I can fulfill each and every one of the above. ^_^
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  1. About the "not washing hair everyday" is that true? because i like to wash my hair everyday. my hair tip is very dry and has split ends, when i wash it it is gone, so i love to wash my hair everyday

  2. Good luck with your resolutions, Phanie! :D

  3. Shasha & Ningrum, let's see if I can keep up with them~ lol, right now I feel like washing my hair.. ^^

    Konayachi, I'm not quite sure yet, but that's what I heard. I'll try to find more on that subject.

  4. Great resolutions.. :)
    perhaps i should add them to my resolutions too.. ie: not washing my hair everyday, applying sunscreen on body..
    thanks for sharing

  5. wah nice resolution phanie...:D
    aku juga mesti bikin resolution neh..haha
    semoga sama2 bisa mencapai target...:p

  6. Tessa, your welcome~ Would be glad to know your resolutions as well ^^

    Sev, amin... semoga bisa memenuhi semua reso di thn baru~ ^^

  7. Unusual resolution but it's great Sist, I don't make this resolution in this department at my new year resolution but I make it just near ago *-^ wanna clean my face from acne, my leg from skretch mark too :D