Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review : Ristra Sun Care pH Balanced SPF 17

Time for another sunscreen review, lovely readers! This time, I chose a local brand called Ristra. I bought this a  few months ago and I'm pretty sure that I included this in a haul, which you can check out here. I used it on and off, alternating it with my Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer.

Ristra Sun Care ph Balanced SPF 17

Sun protecting agent, SPF 17 formulation
Protect the skin from adverse sunray's reaction by screening the UVA and UVB rays

Prevent hyperpigmentation
With pH balanced

For all skin types
Without making it dry and make skin stay moist


How I Use It

I squeeze a fingertip length and apply it evenly all over my face and neck.

What I Like About It
 It is available in most supermarkets at Jakarta
 The price starts at Rp 17,000 for the 40 g version
 The packaging has a flip cap. It's easier to close the tube once I'm done using it
✔ The texture is in between a lotion and a cream
 It doesn't have a greasy or sticky feeling after application
 So far, it hasn't caused any bad skin reactions

What I Hate About It
 It doesn't state how much PA protection I'm getting

Overall, I think this is a decent drugstore sunscreen. It isn't phenomenal nor is it the worst among other sunscreen. The level of SPF (17) that it offers may be quite beneficial for those with oilier skin types because the lower the SPF, the less sticky/greasy the sunscreen is. However, it does provide a lower SPF protection compared to other brands (Skin Aqua, L'oreal, etc), so I would have to reapply more often. 

I would recommend this to :
 Someone with combination skin
 Someone who won't mind reapplying every 2 hours
 Someone who travels since the size is quite compact
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