Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review : Mustika Ratu Kopi Body Butter

Lately, it has been colder in my area because of the recent rain showers. My skin, particularly on my arms and legs, has been getting flakier and drier probably due to the weather. At times like these, I turned on my body butters instead of lotions. I bought this a couple of months ago and have only been start to using it these past week or two. 

Mustika Ratu Kopi Body Butter

Coffee extract's key skin-care benefits lie in its caffeine and anti-oxidant concentration. Mustika Ratu Kopi Body Butter with its gentle-for-the-skin formula protects the skin's natural moisture, leaving you with moist skin safe from any dryness and helps maintain your skin's firmness. Also, enjoy its sensational coffee fragrance. 


How I Use It

I dip my finger onto the product and take about a 1 cm diameter of product. I dot it on my arms and rub it evenly all over my arms.

What I Like About It
☃  It's available in most supermarkets and drugstores in Jakarta
☃  The price starts at Rp 35,000 for 200 g worth of product
☃  Like most body butters, it's in a large medium brown tub
☃  Olive Oil is placed as the fourth ingredient in the list
☃  Caffeine is not that far down the ingredient list
☃  The scent is not that of a black coffee, but like sweet coffee or even mocha because it        has a sweet, chocolate scent
☃  It doesn't feel sticky on my arms after application
☃  My arms are well-moisturized for a good 6 hours if I'm in a cold environment
☃  It hasn't caused any skin reaction until now

What I Hate About It
✖ I just wished it smells a bit more like roasted coffee
✖ I haven't seen any firming on my skin. I didn't expect much anyway
Overall, I like the creamy-buttery-like consistency that is not too heavy on my skin. However, I just feel that it would be better if the smell is a bit more like bitter, roasted coffee. I still enjoy the scent, though. 

I would recommend this to :
  • Someone with dry skin (not super dry)
  • Someone who liked sweet scent in their body care products
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  1. hi. i have this one to in my drawer.. not open yet... have you tried other variant from mustika ratu like papaya and olive?

  2. Ibu, sadly, I haven't tried the other variants yet... I think I will soon.. ^^

  3. kok blognya bahasa inggrisan semua ???

  4. Anon, iya, saya jelasinnya lebih rapi. Kalo pake bahasa indonesia, biasanya jadi bahasa sehari2 yang kurang rapih. ^^